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The Gospel of John

This is the introductory part of the research paper where the research problem is given a brief overview. This section goes further to describe the reasons behind the study as well as the methods that would be used. The abstract further outlines what information is to be covered during the study in the order in which they are presented in the main body.

Research Question

Why the gospel of John has some characters named in his writing while others are not named.

Objectives of the study

  • To find out why in his writings John has named some characters and has not named others.
  • To investigate the possible implications of naming and not naming some of his characters in his writing.
  • To establish the circumstances that lead to John being discreet in naming some of his characters.

Justification for the study

This section will provide the rationale behind the quest to answer the research question, how the findings of the study will be helpful. In addition, it outlines the study is worth conducting. This research, for instance, is necessary in demystifying what has been considered unknown regarding anonymous characters in the gospel of John.

Literature Review

This is a research into the past; consequently, the research paper will rely heavily on secondary sources to answer the research question. Therefore, using the sources provided in the bibliography, the research would answer the research question in this section. Literature review will not only look at the findings of the previous authors, but also look at their methodology as well as their interpretations regarding the research problem. In addition, this section considers theoretical conceptions on the issue, if any.


This section primarily details how various study techniques that would be used will be incorporated to answer the research question. Furthermore, the methodology section describes how to analyze, asses, and synthesize the information found in the literature review section.


A section detailing what has been found in the literature review. Considering the nature of this study, the findings will be qualitative and descriptive in nature. Therefore, they should be arranged in order of the chronology of the gospel of John.


Give an objective interpretation based on the findings of the literature review. This section would give an analytical and personal view based on your critique of John’s account.


Conclusion can take a personal view of the findings and the overall study. It gives an overview of the study, methodology, literature, findings and the interpretations.


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