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The Hangover Movie

The Hangover is an American comedy film which was first produced in the year 2009 under the directorship of Todd Phillips (Press, 13). The movie was authored by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas.  The hangover is based on a story of four friends (Stu Price, Phil Wenneck, Doug Billing and Alan Garner) who go to Nevada Las Vegas to attend a bachelor party for Doug Billing who is about to get married. During a night of crazy drinking, they are with roofies. Phil, Stu and Alan wake up the following morning with hazy memories and find themselves in a trashed room. They have no idea where there friend with Doug and who was needed in two days for his wedding. Alan, Phil and Stu need to sit down and reconstruct their previous evening in order to locate their friend (Press, 18). They find themselves going to different places, doing some crazy things as they slow piece together their previous night. Later in the year 2011 a sequel of the movie was released known as the Hangover Part II.

The hangover Biography

The hangover film has the following stars; Bradley Cooper who plays the role of Phil Wenneck, a teacher y profession, Ed Helms who plays the role of Dr. Stu Price, a dentist, Zach Galifianakis who plays the role of Alan Garner, Justin Bartha who plays the role of Doug Billings the groom who is about to marry, Heather Graham who plays the role of Jade the stripper and escort, Jeffrey Tambor as Sid Garner who plays the role of Tracy's father, Sasha Barrese who plays the role of Tracy Garner the bride to marry Doug, Rachael Harris who plays the role of Melissa the girlfriend to Stu, Ken Jeong who plays the role of Leslie Chow the flamboyant gangster.

Editing of Hangover

Hangover has received positive reviews from a wide array of film critics. There is some common editing in the filming of the hangover movie. Some of them include;

Editing In the Continuity of the Movie

•  In the regular version of the movie, as the guys are on Caesar's Palace roof, they are drinking a shot. Then without any of them having to fill their glasses, they have another round of full shot glass.

•  The scratches on the neck of Phil have entirely vanished when they return back for the wedding.

•  The amount of dirt on Phil’s keeps on changing during different shots of the movie’s scene.

•  When Stu first locates Doug as he was on the roof, the sun appears to be on the half side of his face.  As the camera changes sides, Doug is again shown as the three friends are all surrounding him and appears to be much longer and it is not on his face.

Editing In the Visibility of the Hangover Crew and Equipment

•  The Boom microphone is visible in the on the right-hand side window when they are walking down the hospital hall.

•  As Alan uses the bathroom where the tiger is before he looks at it, a reflection of crew member is seen on the mirror.

•  Alan, Stu and Phil hear a sound as they are in the car, as Alan asks, "What was that?"  There is a reflection of a crew member who is holding a camera on the right side of the car window.


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