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Types of Forensic Evidence

Question 1: What types of forensic evidence were recovered?

Answer:  At Simpson’s home:

1. Blood drops on the driver’s door of Simpson’s white Bronco.

2.Blood splatters in Simpson’s foyer and master bedroom.

3.Pair of Nicole’s bloody socks.

4. Blood-stained right-handed glove.

5. Trail of blood from the Bronco to Simpson’s front door.

At the crime scene:

6.Blood-stained left-handed glove.

7.Blood drops near and in a Bentley and a Saab.

8. Footprints in the dirt.

9. Hair’s from Goldman’s shirt.

10.Bloody envelope containing a pair of Nicole’s glasses.

11.Goldman’s shirt and cap.

12.Blood pools around the house.

13.Nicole’s body.

14.Goldman’s body.

Question 2: Was the evidence recovered in the proper manner?

Answer:  No.  The evidence was improperly recovered when:

  1. The bloody glove and blood samples were recovered without a warrant from Simpson’s home.
  2. The crime scene was improperly secured.
  3. A blanket was placed over Nicole, possibly contaminating any evidence.
  4. Nicole’s and Goldman’s bodies were not removed until 10 hours later.
  5. At the crime scene, Goldman’s cap and shirt were placed together in the same bag containing the hair and fiber samples.
  6. Blood pool evidence was swabbed with wet cotton swatches then packaged together in plastic bags and loaded into a hot truck.  These samples would later be handled by a technician wearing gloves already soiled by Simpson’s voluntary blood sample.
  7.  Some blood pools were missed at the initial collection and not collected until 3 weeks later.
  8. Blood on Nicole’s socks went unnoticed and uncollected until 3 weeks later.
  9. Junior Detective Andrea Mazzola collected most of the samples unsupervised.  She was filmed wiping tweezers off with her dirty hands, and dropping several blood swabs on the ground.

Question 3:What types of forensic evidence were introduced at trial?

Answer: The prosecution introduced the following evidence at trial:

  1. DNA analysis of blood from Nicole’s socks.
  2. DNA analysis of blood found around, on and in Simpson’s Bronco.
  3. African-American hair strands found on Goldman’s shirt.
  4. Coins with fresh blood on them found in the parking lot behind Nicole’s condo.
  5. DNA analysis of blood taken from the left-hand glove.
  6. Gloves with hair fibers consistent with Goldman’s and fiber samples from the Bronco that were found in Goldman’s cap.
  7. The right hand leather glove found at Simpson’s home and the left hand leather glove found at Nicole’s home matched.
  8. Prior arrest report of Simpson for beating Nicole.
  9. Bloody footprints.
  10. Photographs of crime scene.
  11. Photographs of Simpson’s home.

Question 4: If the case were tried today, would new forensic technology be used and possibly change the outcome of the trial?

Answer: No.  By proving that the evidence was improperly collected and stored, and that the evidence testing, especially the DNA testing, was conducted improperly, the defense was able to create enough of a reasonable doubt in the jury’s mind for O.J. Simpson to be acquitted. Today’s new forensic technology would not be enough to overcome the evidence collection mistakes.


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