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The emergency response plan was enacted after the repercussions of the devastating hurricane Ivan. The southern and northern states of Florida initiated these efforts. A unified coalition was formed that ensured appropriate measures for adversity preparedness were put into place. They agreed to share personnel resources and utilities, and free provision of assistance to disaster victims to enhance rapid recovery. They also developed a system of purchasing equipment at a lower price so that more people could benefit from their services. Mobile emergency services were introduced in case it was difficult for the fatalities to access treatment from the health centers (Tom, 2003).

It was vital to establish this program to be able to handle any calamity effectively and efficiently. Any volunteers during a disaster are permitted to use the resources, although under supervision to avoid any damage and to make sure equipment is handled properly. If any utilities are damaged due to negligence, the care givers are accountable to replace them after everyone is safe from the disaster. Those offering help also determine the kind of insurance they wish to give to the victims. Most of people willing to offer help often withhold back because protective measures have not yet been endorsed. These are several of the challenges facing this program, making it necessary to review the rules and policies. Awareness campaigns are on the rise to educate people on the precautionary measures to take if a catastrophe strikes. The people of the public are taught how to give the first aid to victims with minor injuries. By empowering the citizens with these basics, it restores hope as many become aware of how to act and the necessary actions to take in the event of an accident. However, the government has the role of supporting such programs by providing funds, skilled personnel, and equipment to help these organizations realize their goal. These vulnerable places to disasters ought to be adequately prepared to minimize damages and unfortunate deaths (Tom, 2003).


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