Free «"Whale Rider"» UK Essay Sample

Niki Caro, the director of the film Whale Rider introduces us to the village showing that they value male children than the female ones. It introduces us to their lifestyles and the kind of process they follow in selecting a leader. In order to help us understand better the nature of Maori life, the author narrates the story in a special manner .

An example that reveals to us the Pai’s point of view is where she touches the largest whale which was against the tradition. Moreover, she climbs one of the largest whales and sends it back to the water. The other whales follow it, and this incidence contributes to her being made a leader.

The director uses long shots in establishing the mood through the use of widescreen shots restricted to the pairs of the viewers. They are produced in a series of shots to set the scene. The long shot reveals figures of tiny objects in a big landscape. This helps in establishing the mood of the actors in the film.

The costumes help us in understanding the culture of Maori people. For instance, Pai is dressed in traditional costumes. The costumes are simple, thus portraying an articulation between the past and the present society. The costumes enable one to understand the traditional life of people in the Maori community whereby male were treasured so munch unlike female. However, Pai was determined to become a leader even despite the fact that it was seen traditionally wrong; hence she united many people at the end of the scene.

The nature of the place where the film took place creates a clear understanding of the film. Caro employs varied elements such as shot selection, which took place in Whangara, thus helping us to understand the Maori life. Whangara is a small village found in the New Zealand in the northern side of the Island which is natural scenery that makes the film more appealing.

Some non-diegetic items used in the film are the use of props, lighting, and sound that makes one appreciate the movie. This is because they play the major roles of shaping the movie in an appealing manner. The sound makes the viewer aware of the film, thus one truly appreciates it. The non-diegetic features make the movie interesting to the viewer.

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