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A School Lunch Program

The choice of evaluation criteria is significant in maintaining the program value. A precise program evaluation is very vital in running the program. It is always advantageous to know the effect of the choice of evaluation. This can be considered in terms of the cost, effectiveness, and what it can accomplish. Knowing how the program can work for the group and the conclusion made on evidence is also very crucial. Having an ill-considered choice of evaluation criteria like a school lunch program can affect the program of a school.

A school lunch program should be considered carefully to avoid interference with the running of the entire school. The choice of time and food at lunch program is significant. In addition, the determinants of food choice and the influence it has on students should be kept in place. The determinants include physical, biological, social factors and attitudes. Meals taken at lunch time should be light, and energy giving food like protein to help the students’ concentration in class. This is in order to avoid the students to sleep during classes. It is essential to know the overall goal and impact of running the school program. Using the school lunch program should be a way of achieving the specific aim. First, it is worth considering how the performance of the children has been affected by having the school lunch program. In addition, the process that is involved in having the school lunch program and the overall cost it has in the school learning activities.

The school lunch program should have a clear goal, an implementation process and the benefits that it has for the students and the school. Moreover, the used resources should provide the intended outcomes and outputs. Therefore, careful evaluation should be done and expected outcome given a timeline. This can be done by having the school lunch program in phases, so as to measure the effect it has on the students’ studies.


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