Free «Administrator and Teacher Interview» UK Essay Sample

Administrator and Teacher Interview

The people in the education sector have many things in common. In an educational institution, there are administrators and teachers as educators. The work of administrators is to set the standards and goals in the institution. The administrators establish procedures and policies to achieve goals and standards of the institution. They act as leaders and managers of the institution. Administrators include school principals and school superintendents. Teachers are the educators who are in charge of giving knowledge to the students. They relate directly to the students. The teachers implement the goals the administrators set. This paper discusses the interview with teachers and administrators. The work focuses on the similarities and differences in the way the teachers and the administrators view their profession and other issues in the education process..

There is some similarity between the teacher and the administrator. Both the administrator and the teacher chose the profession in education  because they had a passion for the job since the days they were in school. The two educators therefore decided to go into education as a career because of the love to the job.

Another similarity between the teacher and the administrator is in their feeling the greatest benefit of being an educator. They both acknowledge that seeing the students they educated prosper is very fulfilling. The two educators consider fulfillment to be their greatest benefit.

Both the teacher and the administrator feels that educators need to live in the community in which they work. They think that it is rather important to know the students well. That’s why they have to know their family backgrounds too. To get the knowledge, the educators should live in the community where they work.

The notable difference between the two educators is the highest level of education. The highest level of the teacher’s education is a degree. The highest level of the administrator’s education is a master’s degree. The administrator has a higher level of education than the teacher does.

Another notable difference between the teacher and the administrator is the number of years each has been in the education sector. The administrator has been in the education sector for a longer period than the teacher has.  The former has been in the profession for twenty years, while  the latter has been in the profession for ten years only.

The interviews provided some important advice from the  insiders in the education profession. The greatest advice from the interview is that in order to work in the profession, one should have the passion to be an educator. Educators should be dedicated to their work too; they should aspire to give more than it is expected.

According to the responses of the teacher and the administrator, the education profession is stressful and very demanding. The profession is at the same time very fulfilling, if a person does what he or she is supposed to do. The teachers’ greatest reward is seeing the people they teach prosper..Their work is giving knowledge to the community. Adding to the passion I have for teaching, I am more likely to become a teacher.


The education profession is very demanding and at the same time fulfilling. The profession requires both the teachers and the administrators to give a lot of effort to their work, to live in the community in which they work. The political realities worsen the situation of the teachers. With much dedication and hard work, the teachers become successful, and the results of their work are fulfilling.  


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