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Administrator Interview about Education

Question: Why did you choose to go into education as a career?

Administrator: Initially I had the interest to become a manager. Then from my school days, I loved the job the teachers were doing. The love to the job the teachers do made me go into education as a career.

Question: Would you recommend the education profession to others? Why or Why not?

Administrator:  I will recommend people to the education profession but only to particular roles. My role is challenging but not as stressful as that of a teacher. All the same, it all depends with the interest of the individuals.

Question: Are there any other teachers in your family? If so who?

Administrator: There are no teachers in my family.

Question: What is you highest level of education?

Administrator: I have a master’s degree in business management.

Question: How long have you been an educator?

Administrator: I have been an educator for twenty years.

Question: How do you balance the demands of your profession with the political realities of the education system?

Administrator:  Ensuring that the teachers do their work as required. I also try to create motivation into the teachers and the students to do other things apart from what is in the syllabus.

Question: Do you work in the community that you work in? If yes, do you believe that it is important for educators to live in the community in which they work? Why or why not?

Administrator:  I live in the community in which I work in. It is important for all people in the education sector to live in the community in which they work. The reason is that educators need to understand the students and their family backgrounds.

Question: Who was your greatest educational influence?

Administrator: The greatest educational influence was my teachers back in high school.

Question: What is the greatest benefit of being an educator?

Administrator: When you go around town and meet successful people who were once your students, you feel much fulfilled. The fulfillment is the greatest benefit of being an educator.


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