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Bullying in Schools

In my opinion, the charges which these minors faced were genuine. The charges of harassment were extremely genuine. This is because on the day Prince took her life, she came from school complaining of harassment from some of her schoolmates. At one time, she was complaining that life at school had become unbearable. Charges of stalking were genuine in the sense that Prince endured a lot of verbal abuse, right from the school library, even on her way home. On this day, she decided to take away her life. The charges were appropriate in the sense that these minors were causing unnecessary disturbance on the school assembly, which affected the peace of other students at school (Twemlow, 2011).

These cases clearly indicate the importance of creating a statute to govern cases of bullying in institutions. This is because there are many cases of bullying in institutions that go unreported. Students end up suffering psychologically or even physical harm silently. Some of the contents of this statute should be a structure to investigate the basis of bullying and measures of regulating the schooling system to enhance friendship among students. The statute should, however, provide strict penalties to students who persistently bully others intentionally (Swearer, 2009).

From this case, one could say that the penalties for the defendants were not sufficient to stop other students who intent to involve themselves in bullying activities. The courts should have given a greater punishment to these defendants. However, this case made a significant impact to the war against bullying. The enactment of the statute to control bullying has reduced cases of bullying in schools. Presently, administrators of institutions have also become more careful and observant to identify cases of bullying among students. Therefore, in general terms, one cannot overlook the contribution of these cases of bullying that led to the death of Prince, towards reduced levels of bullying in schools today.

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