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Child Support

Many fathers all over the world pay child support. However, there is no proof showing the expenditure of such money, which raises lots of doubt. Most of the child support money could be misused and not serve the purpose it should do. Courts, on the other hand, favor women more than they do for men. Some of the men cannot see their children despite paying child support.

Thesis statement

Because there is no proof on how ex-wives spend child support money, the courts should ease the burden on the fathers or require proof on the expenditure of the child-support money.

Unfair child support laws

Child support refers to periodic payment towards a custodial parent to help pay the living expenses of the children or other related debts (Morgan 6). After a divorce, the non-custodian parent has to fulfill his or her duty by paying the child support. The custodian parent fulfills his or her obligation by staying with the children. Those who fail to do so will face the law and can even face a jail term. However, many fathers have complained of how child support laws favor the women. Some of them do not work; they just sit and wait for the child support money.

Paying child support is not a terrible idea, but the circumstances surrounding it are unappealing (Hansen 26). Parenting should be a win-win situation. The women should also contribute to the child’s upkeep. Father who pays child support should be able to spend equal time with the children. However, some laws restrict them from doing so.


The courts should put in place laws requiring the custodian parents to show proof of how they spend child support money (Davidson 27). For example, statements should be sent to the father on how the child has benefitted from the child support. Moreover, the women should also contribute in paying the expenses of the child since it is their responsibility too.  


Fathers who have unfair child support orders should be given a hearing. It is true that there are laws that seem unfair to the fathers, for example, some lose their jobs but have to continue paying child support fees. While it is reasonable to pay child support in the event of a divorce, mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that it is well spent.


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