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Co-teaching is a way of having two teachers in a classroom which are the general education teacher and the special education teacher so as to provide a comprehensive setting for special education students. Co-teaching can never be seen to be in such a way that one teacher teaches a different subject or while the other prepares the instructions or even seating. Co-teaching is about collaboration of the two or more teachers sharing the responsibilities in a matter of teaching some or all of the students in a given classroom. Special education teacher is known to give specialized differentiated lessons for those students who have got the special needs. The specialized education teacher is also known to be a strategist who is capable of making the student with special needs to go along with other students. This co-teaching share the elements such as the goals, sharing of a belief system, parity, distributed function theory and cooperative processes. In these elements, they are all defined into face-to-face interaction, positive independence, interpersonal skills, monitoring co-teacher progress and individual assessment. When it comes to classrooms, these teachers have an already plan done before on the co-teaching styles to use.

The co-teaching styles are such as parallel teaching in which both the teachers teach at the same time. Here, the classroom is normally divided by half whereby one teacher teaches one half of the class meaning that they teach the same lessons at the same time. Team teaching is also another style and is known to be one of the best whereby the teacher can intervene anytime to put the point clear to be understood across by all students and they can raise questions together to the students. One-teach-one-drift pass is used even though it tends to pass a message to the students that the teachers are being unequal. Here as one teacher teahes the lesson, the other one drifts around the class explaining to those who do not understand the question. Another co-teaching style is the station or center teaching which is often used in elementary schools even though it can also be used in high school teaching settings. Here, students work in their stations and it becomes the responsibilities of the teacher to share knowledge in their working stations and finally, the alternative teaching. In this case, the teacher pulls out a certain group who need some extra help or challenge and this becomes of beneficial to those students who have happened to miss classes.

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