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I am a unique, compassionate, cultured, impassioned and self-assured American Muslim and I have learned to reach for the stars against all odds. Most importantly, I do exhibit many other likeable qualities, values and attributes which I gained throughout my High School experience and have altogether earned me admiration and respect of my educators and peers. During my high school days, I demonstrated strong leadership skills at various positions- a phenomenon that prompted many students to put their trust in me for the entire duration of my leadership. Consequently, my colleagues look up unto me for leadership and direction in many tasks we were charged to undertake on a regular basis. I strongly feel most of these qualities and characteristics would heavily contribute to the future diversified cultures at the institutions of higher learning.

I have also proven to be an academic prowess in the subject areas of mathematics, sciences and computer studies particularly computer programming, biology, stock market and human sciences. Before this, I have successfully designed and run a number of computer programs. Additionally, my undying interest for these key subject areas has propelled me to pursue and further excel in them at higher levels of studies. The determination and will to succeed in these highlighted areas is the prime drive for my application for admission into this institution of higher learning. Most significantly, I am determined to take these aforementioned areas of interest to a notch higher considering my creativity, innovativeness, and originality.

Given an opportunity to study in this world class institution, I will be placed in a better position to relentlessly work towards the attainment of my life dreams- becoming a qualified human doctor or a competent computer programmer (web designer). A reputable college remains a perfect partner of choice in this endeavor.


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