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College Degree

Research has been done but none of it proves that those students without any college degree become unsuccessful in their profession. Research has not mentioned that those people who never attended college studies became unsuccessful in their areas as a result of lack of a college degree.

What kind of success do you consider as an individual? Many people will answer following question in a way that a successful person is a person who has a nice house, a lot of money as well as a good job. Definition of a person’s success is debatable, but does that mean that we go to school so that we can have all those characteristics? Horn & Nevill, state that college education is not an approach to wealthy life but a fundamental approach of gaining extra information and expansion in growth both physically and mentally. Well, if we have to go to college so that we can become wealthy, then it comes to the idea that all college graduates are wealthy. This is not a true concept because in the current world the rate of unemployment has decreased despite the fact that people have attended colleges and graduated them. This means that all over the world there are so many people who have actually graduated but don’t have the initiatives of getting a job, so that they do not mark any difference between the college studies they have attended and those people who have not attended any college education (Kirst, , & Venezia 68).

I came across a film maker in one of the well known film making industries in the United States and all what made me indulge in questioning is about his successful life. It is because he was very comfortable. I decided to ask him on the importance of attending college in his life and how it has affected his success. To my surprise what he explained was that he has never attended or came across the ideas of having a college degree because he never attended a college. Well, this was surprising to me because, I realized that the man was successful in all dimensions and this left a question on my mind, whether a college degree is an important element of successful life (Perin 66-71).

I understand that there are many strategies that lead to a successful life but it is not a necessary idea that one should have a degree. I stand to oppose that college education is not important to being successful. However, I am not against higher education. I believe in education but I don’t actually support the idea that college education is the way forward. We have enough supporting proves from our society and the world that college education is not the only way to being successful. What I understand is that a person does not choose a career. For instance, people do not become doctors simply because they want to do an operation, or become a lawyer simply because they possess good communication skills. I don’t believe that having a college degree gives you all the requirement of having a good job. The facts remain that experience skills and certifications are the determinant factors of getting a certain position in a company.

It is clear that there are different themes and explanations of success. Therefore, a college degree assists a person to find success in one professional field and it does not stipulate success in other fields. For many people who have a degree it is actually a good idea. However, for those who have no college education, it is not necessary to think that they won’t become successful in life.


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