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Community Collage

Any educational institution is a community of learners and instructors plus subordinate staff and other interested parties. The school may not require the services of the external stakeholders. The school, as an educational institution, will need the services of the internal stakeholders only (Norton, 2005). When the school student graduates and enters the community then help of other stakeholders, like the pastors, administrators among others, will come in hand.

There are several integral stakeholders involved in the running of the school. The Principal plays a very vital role in the daily functioning of the educational institution. He sets directions for the school community members. Both teachers and students are supposed to follow these directions. Each group receives some special rules and regulations. The Principal provides a detailed structured framework for the academic curriculum. He ensures the delivery of the same programmes within the laid down procedures of the Education Ministry. He will coordinate the activities of the teachers, counselors, and other staff at the school.

Students’ parents have a noble role in providing home upbringing of their children. They employ the communication method to talk to their children about the school issues. This is vital when there are some issues affecting the student at school in a positive or negative way. They also indulge the discussion of the assigned to their children home works. The maim role of a student is to seek information. Parents provide moral guidance and help to their children in the process of acquiring knowledge (Norton, 2005).

There are several other stakeholders involved in the school community activities. The stakeholders include the youth, seniors, pastors, and administrators among others. These groups are responsible for running of the school both internally and at the community level.

The youth may give general advice to their peers at school. They may also help them with their assignments. Seniors may play the part of the parents. The pastors are the spiritual heads in the community and provide the spiritual upbringing. They are responsible for fostering the moral uprightness among the students both at school and community levels. The pastors may act as counselors to the morally decayed students in the community. The administrators maintain law and order. This ensures that no student breaks the law while being out of school.

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