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Diversity in Matters of Education

Colleges and universities are increasingly expected to provide evidence of their effectiveness. Concomitant with this movement is an unprecedented effort to improve teaching, learning, and student achievement. Review the literature on methods for assessing teaching and learning in the community college. Based on your review, develop and present a model for improving teaching, learning and the achievement of adult students in developmental reading programs.

There is a need for the consideration of implementing diversity in matters of education in a manner that is successful. This is a process that requires a lot of efforts for the purpose of developing a model for improving teaching, learning and the achievement of adult students in developmental reading programs. In general, the principle focuses of majority of the community college. Involves major emphasis in the achievement of educational knowledge with a vacuum of provision for the activities whose design is tailored towards the promotion of socio-affective development for the adult students in developmental reading programs.

There is a need of evaluating the extent to which students in developmental reading programs are socially integrated in community college. (Huba & Freed, 1999).This is done in liaison with the exploration of the connection of social integration to the self-concept of the students in developmental reading programs while at classroom as compared to their classmate who are not in the category of special needs (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).

The achievement of this depends on the adoption of the overall research strategy of an experiment. This involves an administration of a sociogram as well as a test of self-concept. One of such a study involved the use of a sample of students who are affected with problems that are associated with adult students (Allyn & Bacon, 2002). The anticipated indication is that adult students are equipped with significantly lower lever of positive self-concept in comparison to the ones possessed by their counterparts specifically as pertains the dimensions of social as well as academia (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).

There is also an important highlight in interrelationships of the perceptions of peer groups to the constructions of the self-concept on a personal context of the adult students. There is a necessity in school integration to facilitate adult students integration leading to the improvement of the self-concept of the adult students although there is no sufficiency in optimizing the two aspects related to socio-effective development and there is a need for the application of criteria responsible for intervention as well as appropriate education activities.

The improvement in academic achievement and performance adult students is based on the elimination of obstacles of inclusion associated with the current system of education as relates to the difficulties that adult student’s face but not the strategies of development as well as the practices in the classroom that is responsible for the achievement of inclusion. The transformations in the practices in the community college. are liable to be beneficial to adult students in addition to the enhancement of the achievement as well the performance of the entire adult students population (Huba & Freed, 1999).There is a need for the development of processes that are responsible for the development of a common framework equipped with common goals that are properly defined. The systems whose designs are tailored for social integration of SEN children in community college. in addition to the involvement of the entire staff in the process of training that are responsible for the enhancement of skill as well as positive attitudes are positively beneficial to the community college. and they have the potential for improving academic achievement and performance (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).

Ownership by the entire school community together with the stakeholders is of critical importance. Emphasis towards the definition of professional roles in the context of the community college is important towards the proper adult students’ management. Social integration requires the presence of the coordinators of special education needs in the conventional community college. They are talented with addressing the issues of the students who are identified to present critical challenges associated with learning to their teachers.

The challenges have not been favorable to the teachers since most of them had gone to a point of abdicating of the responsibilities of the teachers to the students, an activity that takes place in the classes. The achievement of social integration therefore involves the primary realization of the duties and the responsibilities that the teachers are exposed to achieve education of entire pupil population and to bring to an end the need for reliance on the support systems that are commonly available in schools. The management of the community college. Should undergo important transformations for the purpose of the creation of an ambient climate for the social integration of all adult students for the benefit of improving their academic achievement and their performance. This therefore calls for the reappraisal that radically involves the expectations of the teachers as pertains the students in the category of adult students (Huba & Freed, 1999).The application of the legislation that currently exist is not beneficial in any way but rather it is responsible for militating against the teachers as well as the community college. who are ready to embrace the indubitable challenges that are associated with the processes of social integration (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).

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The identification of the contribution of the preparedness of the teachers is a very significant factor relating to social integration of all pupils for the benefit of improving their academic achievement and their performance. This therefore implies that for the contributors in the teacher education, there is a need for proper qualification in the pre- as well as the post- levels to assume the responsibilities attached to the legislation in education and prop up the teachers towards the achievement of the confidence that is required in addressing adult students needs. There is also a need for a higher level of understanding among the teachers with regard to the conditions that need to be facilitated for the purpose of the enhancement of social integration in a successful manner in consideration of the community college.

Curriculum. There is need for more research in this field for the purpose of ensuring that a system of education complying with social integration has been effectively implemented (Huba & Freed, 1999).

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Success is achievable in this respect on a condition that there is support in the classroom in addition to the addition of more staff to participate in the exercise of social integration. There was a general conception that in the instance that adult students is required move from a certain special school to a mainstream school, and then there is a requirement that the student must have the company of the support staff. There is a need for a greater extent of caution that the adult students is accorded all the deserving support and this is a complex issue for the teachers to achieve in the absence of the support (Huba & Freed, 1999).

The success of the classroom support highly depends on the emphasis that is placed upon the relevance of planning in a collaborative manner involving the teachers and the support staff. This calls for care in the consideration of the management in as far as the adult students are concerned while at classroom as well as during the time of definition of the roles as well as the responsilities. (Huba & Freed, 1999).There is also a need for the examination of the importance of contact of adult students to the rest of the students and its positive impact to the degree of social integration and the improvement of the peer relationship in the process of education. This is exhibited in the dimension of the effect that is created by the interaction on the experience as well as the attitudes of the rest of the classmates in as far as the adult students are concerned. The second face of the perspectives relates to the interaction involving the two groups (Huba & Freed, 1999).

To facilitate an understanding of social integration of adult students in community college and its impact on their academic achievement and their performance, the need for conducting a study was paramount. The techniques that were applicable in gathering of the date involved some tests that were administered in a collective manner. The duty of the teacher was the distribution of the protocols of answers to the students who were to participate in the study. In consideration of multi-dimensional nature of self-concept, there is a significance of conducting the study of social, the personal as well as the educational dimension related to the self concept with regard to the self-concept as pertains the sample subjects in a manner that is detailed. According to the results that have been arrived at in the case of both the social as well as the educational self-concept, the student in the category of adult students have significantly higher scores as compared to rest of the students. Contrasting the two sides however, there is an indication of disparities in the context of personal self-concept that is not statistical (Huba & Freed, 1999).

The evaluation of research decisions and choices results to important findings of the study. there is an indication after considering the results of the study to the effect that the student in the category of special needs are equipped with a positive sense of self-concept but the degree of self-concept in this regard is significantly lower as compared to the one inherent in the rest of the students. The differences in consideration to the two groups have some significance in consideration of the social as well as educational dimensions of self-concept and this is not effective in the situation of personal self-concept (Huba & Freed, 1999).There is also an indication to the effect that social preferences contribute to crucial role in the accumulation of the self-concept in as far as the adult students are concerned. It nevertheless contributes to a significant role in the accumulation of personal self-concept in the case of adult students and this situation is not applicable in the rest of the groups. This therefore has the implication that the activities that are responsible for socialization should be included in the activities of the school to improve social integration in integrated community college so as to improve the academic achievement and performance especially for the adult students (Huba & Freed, 1999).


The success of the study required the application of research methods that facilitates the gathering of appropriate data and this was achieved through the use of collecting data from an institution with specific concern of social integration of the category of adult students. The institution was in no doubt socially integrated in all possible respects and there is a program of activities that are intended to specifically enhance the social integration as well as the self-concept of the adult students (Huba & Freed, 1999).

There is also a significant portion of the students in the category of ‘socio-cultural integration whose degree of learning capabilities is not at a stage that is so serious although they are exposed to a slow level of understanding (Allyn & Bacon, 2002). This therefore leads to the definition of the school as being ordinary as well as an inclusive school facilitating for students integration in consideration of the adult students not to be a major problem but rather to serve as a stimulus towards the continuous renovation of the quality of teaching. This in essence has considerable impacts on the academic achievement and performance of the students. The institution was also equipped with a teaching staffs in addition to the rest of the specialists whose condition is stable. The specialists include special educators. There is also a situation of customary coordination of the specialists to the tutors as well as the teachers in the classroom who are charged with the entire responsibilities in educating the entire student population (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).


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