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Early Childhood Education

Proper early childhood education is vital for every child. It is a basic necessity for every child to grow up in an accepted and proper way. This involves physical and mental forms of early development. Young and early years of children determine their performance and level of success at school and in life. Brain development in the early three years of a child has serious effects on education. Early learning experiences in children determine intellectual and emotional development which in turn affects their performance at school. Children should also be brought up in a way that is of great benefit to their physical development (Kain, 2011).

Everest Education Centre is an early childhood education facility aimed at enhancing the proper early childhood. It is a modern type of facility with modern equipment targeted at supporting a comfortable environment for young children and the staff members. The facility is a preschool for young children, where necessary and important early childhood education is offered. It serves children of the age of 2 to 5 years before their actual enrollment in lower primary schools. The hours of operation are from 9:00am to 4:00pm. This is set so as to facilitate dropping of the children in the morning by their parents and picking them in the evening after work. The Centre is important to the community, as its main goal is to facilitate proper growth and early childhood education which serves as an important rite of passage. This is necessary in nurturing children in preparation for their future.

The vision of the Centre is “to nurture and mould young children to grow responsibly and become important figures that can be relied on in their future”. This vision is aimed at ensuring that young children grow in the society responsibly in their daily lives, develop emotionally and become quality people upon their older ages. The mission statement is “to facilitate physical, emotional and all round early childhood development and growth”. The mission, being related to the vision is aimed at working towards meeting the vision which is to ensure that children grow and develop properly mentally, physically and emotionally in preparation to facing life and its challenges.

The educational philosophy is that children are tender beings and they require good guidance in life. Young children can only grow appropriately and in the accepted manner through proper and correct guidance. Children growth is a gradual and a slow process which calls for patience as their learning abilities are slow in nature. Every child is different in his or her own ways in terms of abilities, how they perceive life and handle matters of life. It is only necessary for the guardians of the children to be keen in understanding this concept. Children also respond differently to different aspects of life and are affected emotionally and psychologically by certain matters of life. All these play a big part in the Centre’s vision and mission regarding its purpose.

The curriculum model of the Centre is established on the basis of its vision and mission. It is developed with the aim of attaining the vision of the Centre. This is a four year course, taking children at the age of 2 who eventually leave at 5. However, it is also possible for parents to enroll their children at any age above two years, but below five years. Adequate time is required to slowly educate the children and help them play enough to help them develop physically. The children are supposed to arrive at the Centre at 9:00 am at the escort of their guardians, and also be picked from the compound at 4:00 pm. Classroom education is provided where children are taught how to draw and also other simple tasks. This is aimed at developing and assessing their minds. An hour a day is provided for the children to sleep and also sufficient time is allocated for playing which is necessary for the physical development.

Classrooms and educational materials in the Centre are made in a way that is safe for the young children and also adequate equipment is available for the entire course. The classrooms and all other parts of the facility accessible by the children are filled with educative material. This is of great benefit, as for it facilitates education at whatever time and place in the compound. All points of the facility are free from dangerous or destructive materials that can harm the children, either physically or psychologically. Charts, boards, paints and all other necessary objects are available to ensure possibility for the children to learn effectively.

The playground and other equipment to be used by the children in playing are safe from all dangers or accidents. The playing equipment is modern in state and children friendly. Children are energetic beings, and playing is the best way to release this energy (Woodhurst, 2011). The playing ground is large in size and can accommodate a large number of children. Children need to mingle and associate with one another, which is important for their social development. Playing together also promotes social understanding and learning new things about life. Playing is a major section in early childhood development, since it is the basics of the physical development. A health facility is available in the compound to attend to all cases of accidents to the children and even the staff. High quality personnel are also available to ensure safety to the children.

In Everest Centre, there are highly qualified and well-educated teachers to guide the young children. High qualification is paramount because of the nature of the young and delicate children associated with it (Harrison, 2012). There are teachers in both classroom and playground fields, and this is necessary for specialization. Teachers are highly trained to understand the nature of children, their interests and how they react to different things and aspects of life. They have adequate education and training to help nurture and mould the children, so as to blend in in the society appropriately. Classroom teachers bear the responsibility of ensuring the proper mental education to the young ones, while the playground teachers guide them in physical development.

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The facility is equipped with high quality staff personnel with proper knowledge in the fields they serve. In the health facility, highly qualified doctors and nurses are present to ensure they attend to all emergencies in the Centre. Children are prone to petty accidents and the nurses are all available to tend to them. The cafeteria has qualified staff to provide meals and other services to the young children. The program has both lunch and tea break sessions and at these periods; all attention is shifted towards the cafeteria and its staff. Tight security is also provided in the facility to enhance proper and conducive environment for the usage of the children and the staff.

High discipline is promoted in the Centre, starting from the staff to the children. It is advisable that the teachers pose a high discipline standard, since they relate directly with the children, and they should serve as their role models. All other staff members are highly required to promote discipline, because the children look up to the elder people in the society and are likely to imitate them. Strict measures are taken on every staff that does not meet the discipline standards of the Centre.

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Orientation is an important part in any school and organization. Orientations are arranged and organized such that the arriving and new children with their parents are made personally meet with their teachers and all other staff in the Centre. They are also made become conversant with all facilities in the Centre. Parents are encouraged to create personal relationships with the teachers and all other staff members, so as for the whole process to be easy in monitoring and assessing their children. Teachers are required to meet the parents of the children on a weekly basis to update them on their class and school performance. They are also required to discuss any emerging issues or matters that could be disturbing or affecting the children, whether directly or indirectly. Monthly meetings between the teachers and parents are put in place and good communication is promoted.

Modern and proper methods are put in place to document the children progress. Daily performance and progress of all children are monitored and assessed by their teachers. It’s also the responsibility of the parents to ensure the daily monitoring of their children and document any changes in the special books designed for the purpose. Good and continuous communication between the teachers and the parents is supported. It is important in the assessing of the progress of the children. All progresses of the children are documented.

The Centre contains modern children classes with necessary equipment. Apparently, there are 16 classrooms. Each class is made up of 18 children, and each has a highly qualified teacher. The ratio of the children, to that of the teachers, is 18 children per teacher. However, there are 8 playground teachers to help the children go through their physical activities. This number of teachers is enough to make the children’s daily process of learning active and efficient. There are two doctors and two nurses to facilitate good health among the children and all other staff members. The maximum number a given class can have is 18. This is a correct number for a given teacher to monitor and assess each child easily. Large classes are difficult to handle.

Safety policies are put in place to facilitate smooth running of the programs. The health Centre has qualified doctors and nurses who have the responsibility of handling injuries and other victims of accidents. The ambulance belonging to the Centre is always strategically positioned in the compound to transport any major emergency casualties for proper attention. All matters involved in food handling are left to the highly qualified chefs in the cafeteria. They are to work hand in hand with the nutritionist who also has vast experience in the field. Four security guards are also available for ensuring security in the compound to the children and the Centre’s staff. The guards also have the task of providing protection to the Centre’s assets and facilities against theft and damage.

The board members of Everest Education Centre are responsible for evaluation of the Centre’s programs. The meetings to be held at least once in a month are meant to assess the progress of the Centre and to implement other new ideas. The board also is to monitor the already developed programs and strategies with the aim of achieving the Centre’s goals and objectives of creating a better society beginning at the foundation. The foundation involves the growing young children in the society.

Young children are the source of the future. They deserve careful upbringing, love and great concern (Kain, 2011). This is the responsibility of the teachers and parents in ensuring proper upbringing is put in effect. Everest education Centre is the favorable Centre for young children to grow and develop in the appropriate and accepted way. This is because of its facilities and favorable equipment, and also qualified staff. Every young child has a right to be raised properly, so as to be of great importance in the society later in their life.


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