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Education in Public Schools

Government is the main financier of education in the United States of America. Funding and control of education is provided in three levels namely local, state and federal. Education for children in the United States of America is mandatory although it varies with age beginning from five years of age up to eight years of age.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, public schools are more than other options such as private school and home schooling. The number of children who are educated in PK schools each year is about 50 million.

In United States of America, it is the responsibility of the state and the local government to make sure that the public schools are ran well. The money used by the government to support the public education in U.S.A is from people’s tax (Berube, 2009). Therefore, the resources available in each and every public school depend on the state level of the local government. Education in public schools has been criticized for many years now. Children who attend the public schools are viewed differently from those that attend private schools or do homeschooling. Students that attend public schools are mostly associated with drugs and other vices. This has come up due to the fact that most people associate public schools with early pregnancies, crimes, peer pressure, teen sexual diseases, violence, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, drug abuse and pornography. Many people also associate children who attend public schools with poverty. The fact that public schools are for free, many people tend to think that, those students who attend school in these public schools are from poor families.

Other people think that, those students that attend public schools are poor performers; this is because these public schools are also associated with poor performance. The government provides about $3 billion in support for k-12 programs (Herbst, 2006). Also addition of about $1 billion is reserved to fund the elementary and secondary education act (ESEA).


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