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Education on Diabetes

Education on diabetes consists of knowledge on types, causes, symptoms, complications, and management with main emphasis on exercise and diet. It will be effective with the use of printed materials, visual aids, and oral communication (Mani et al., 1989). Education will help the diabetic patients at risk by reducing their weight and adopting healthy lifestyles. Experts advice the diabetic patients to engage in regular physical activities in order to maintain ideal body weight (Thompson, 2004).  Many advocates have adopted the education on the relationship of lifestyles with diabetes. Self-management techniques are applied to individuals who are at high risk of having diabetes, while the simple means of self-examination and monitoring of blood pressure and sores in the feet can save individual facing diabetes (Cammy, 2005).


This section describes the detailed way, in which objectives of the study will be met. It goes further to shade some light on data collection, data analysis, as well as how the results can be applied for policy formulation.


The respondents in this study are the diabetic patients and their families. The researcher will use random sampling technique to choose the respondents to take part in the research. This will mainly be simple random sampling. This will enable the research to collect data. The respondents will be sought from diabetes centers only.  The respondents will involve patients that suffer from health practitioners and patients suffering from both types of diabetes.

Data collection

Data collection forms a crucial part of this research as it provides evidence of the extent of the issue. The researcher will use primary data collection methods that include interviewing and administration of questionnaires. The researcher will conduct the one-on-one interview with patients and their healthcare service providers. The researcher will also administer questionnaires to the patients’ family members.

Data analysis

Data coding and analysis will primarily be quantitative because of the qualitative nature of the problem. However, in cases involving statistical data, SPSS software will come in handy to aid in data entry and analysis.

Scope and Limitations

The scope of this study, though it affects a wide area of the United States, will be limited owing to time and limited resources available to conduct the study. In addition, it is anticipated that most respondents will not be open enough to divulge all their health concerns, and this may result in incomplete objectivity of the study.


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