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Faulkner State Community College is a university located in Baldwin County, Alabama. It was established in 1965, and it has three locations, main campus is located in Bay Minnette, Alabama and the other two colleges in Fairhope, Alabama and Gulf Shores, Alabama. The college offers distance learning and online courses. Students from all countries of the world study from the university. The courses provided have advantages, and that is why the college has a large number of online students admitted each year. Students enjoy stress free learning environment, availability of materials and assistance from the lecturers. Despite of the advantages the courses has little disadvantages but nothing in the world which does not have side effects. Students prefer education from the college rather than other colleges providing the same courses.

Lower cost

The college offers a number of programs at a favorable cost. The tuition fee offered at the college is lower as compared to other universities. Students are able to finance for their fee, since it is paid in installment. Up on admission an individual pays a certain percentage then completes the rest in installments. This makes students to be able to budget their education and complete the entire fee in time. The individuals with other business can manage to pay the fee together with home business (Peterson, 2010).  

The college provides reading materials and sources for students. The lecture materials and text books are provided for the students to download. In some universities the students are forced to buy their books and reading materials but in this college students are provided with the materials ready to download. The cost is reduced and the student do not spent a lot of money in studies. The tuition fee paid caters for every thing the student undertakes in his study period. The text books are very expensive and when left for the student they can be burdensome. This college avoids this and provides the books and sites for online library. The college gives students other sites to access online books which are not available from there library.

Other cost spent by students from other universities like traveling, accommodation and postage fee is not available in this college. The college does not require people to travel. Students take their studies where they feel comfortable. There college which forces the students to attend some lectures makes the student to pay a lot of money. This college accommodates the students from all over the world, and it does not require knowing them physically. There is no accommodation required for the students. Students studies from their remote areas. Other charges like gate pass required by students who learn from the class are not paid by online students. The online students taking courses from this college enjoys lower prices for their programs. When one enrolls in the university has a grantee of getting the degree at lower price than other colleges and than the students who attend class from the university (Peterson, 2010).

Choosing study times

The college provides a flexible study environment and students are able to select the time in which to get their lectures. The university encourages students to have a study routine. Students can choose to take lecture during day or night times. Students can not be denied the time of study but his allocated lectures at the selected time. This means that individuals taking their online courses at the college can budget their time properly and do other things without stress. The college provides a flexible environment in doing assignment and students are given humble time to complete their assignment. Individuals take the assignment and do them as they want, and this gives the student enough time to research and get reliable knowledge on the researched topic. The tests and quizzes are announced a week before, but the students have the mandate to choose when to do their tests. When an individual misses a test he is given when he requests. Many colleges and universities across the world penalize students for not taking the exam at the set dates. Other universities charges extra fee to those who want to take missed exams (Peterson, 2010).

Those who are working are able to manage the time for work and study. Due to flexibility and freedom of choosing study period the college provides studies to many students across the world. On questioning one of the students from the university said that he manages to work and take lectures in the same day. He said that the university has enabled him to take his degree in Associate Art and is wiling to take master, because he has liked the online education from the college. Those with families manage to care for their families and still take their studies. The pregnant women are able to give birth and continue with their studies while nursing. The interviewed person said that he chooses the time when he is free and the mind has relaxed and takes class during morning hours before he goes to the job. He said that this has made him to pass the past exams. This kind of program has made the students to get good grades. The classes which are scheduled make the students to fail the exam or get  little enough knowledge. This happens because when a class is scheduled in the evening the students will have worked during the day, and their minds will not be able to get the whole concept from the lecture.

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Advanced mode of study

The students receive the best education from the college. They are provided with enough sources and material for reading. In many colleges students take the program with many electives and not like in this college. This college provides the units which are related to the program of study. Specialization of the units of study make the students to get enough knowledge on what they study rather than being told many things which will not help in future. The university provides credit transfer for the units the student has done before in other course (Peterson, 2010).

The provision of credit transfers provided by the college makes the student to study within the shortest period. Students do not take electives and this makes them to study within a short period and get enough knowledge to apply in the job place. The person interviewed said that, the students from this college when employed they deliver than others students from other universities. He said that this happens because of the knowledge got from the university. He said that many organizations like to employ those who have graduated from this college.

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Despite of the advantages the education has disadvantages. Students taking online education from this college do not have exposure like the students getting education from class. There is no interaction which enables students to have wide knowledge and change in perception of life. All things have both advantages and disadvantages and for this reason people have the freedom to choose the mode in which they want to take their studies.


Faulkner State Community College has been providing good education. People should consider the kind of course they want to take before getting admission because other courses need individuals to attend live lectures.


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