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Grammar Games

Grammar Games

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Do You Know the Eight Parts of Speech?


2. A word that describes an adjective or verb

6. "Oh!" "Wow!" "Um" for example

7. A word used to link words, phrases, or clauses

8. A word that denotes an action, occurrence, or state of being

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1. "On," "Under," "Over," for example

3. The name of a person, place, thing, or idea

4. A word the describes a noun or pronoun

5. "The," "A," An," for example

The crossword is used to make student learn the eight parts of speech. The student reads the requirement question below it and enters his/her answer in the crossword either acoss or down. Grammar games will help students not only gain knowledge, but also practice and internalize vocabulary, grammar and structures. Saricoban & Metin (2000), said "Games and problem-solving activities...have a purpose beyond the production of correct speech, and are examples of the most preferable communicative activities”. The games will also help increase students’ concentration, especially if they are children. Harmer (1991, p.7) pointed that “children’s span of attention or concentration is less than adults. Children need frequent changes of activity. They need activities which are exciting and stimulate their curiosity. They need to be involved in something active (they will usually not sit and listen)”.

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