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High School Community

The communities we belong to play a fundamental role in our personal growth and development. The very notion of community means interacting of its members with each other and mutual support. A community gives the individuals the feeling of camaraderie and so creates peace and harmony in our societies.

The topic of community often reminds me of my formative high school years. After I had finished middle school, my mother suggested that I enter Kazakh High School for gifted children. The school turned out to be one of the best schools in the country.

On my first day in school I understood that studying there was not going to be easy. Students were not only studying but also involved themselves in other extra-curricular activities. Participating in Olympiads exposed me to other student communities. Those people were really modest, kind and highly intelligent. They had big dreams of taking part in International Olympiads and going abroad to study. We usually shared our opinions on the situation in Kazakhstan and how we could make the bright future of our country.

Through years, I have made many friends among my schoolmates, teachers and also mentors. The elder students often told us about universities and academic life. After graduation, I find that people inquire about my school and praise it and confess their hope in us. They believe that through our acquired knowledge and skills, we will greatly contribute towards the development of Kazakhstan.

My high school has challenged me greatly and I have come to understand the importance of a progressive and peaceful community. Community cooperation and togetherness builds a strong sensation of international brotherhood. It gives me pleasure to be one of the brightest minds in my country.

In conclusion, a strong and well-organized community benefits people, the community and the society at large. People of different ages feel a sense of importance and lead healthier, more comfortable and happier lives thereby creating and building communities that are more supportive and stable.


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