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High School Graduation Rates

Motivation to high school graduation rates. The future is much desolated for students who fail to graduate from high school. This is based on the fact that the skills obtained from I school and the institutions of higher learning are very fundamental in the industrial, economic and technological world of today. This implies tat students who failed to obtain the necessary skill from I school and or colleges are likely to suffer and live a poor life, with low earnings ad rare employment opportunities for them.

The 1999 Population Survey of the U.S. found tat 55 percent of people over 25 years old who failed to complete high school or to receive a GED, reported no earnings .25 percent of those who acquired at least a high school, degree or GED indicated some earnings. the report showed median income of $15,334 for those who left school without a high school, diploma or GED certificate, as compared to $29,294 for people who obtained at least a high school, degree or GED certificate (Wlodkowski & Ginsberg, 2003).

The report further highlighted that students who fail to acquire high school certificates were also notably more likely to become single parents with children at younger ages. And that these students were prone to relying on public assistance, or find themselves in prison. All these manifested thathigh school graduation was an imperative scope of analyzing the livelihood prospects of young (Wlodkowski & Ginsberg, 2003). High school graduation rates therefore became an essential measure of the performance of public school system. The capable schools were to provide students with the necessary skills to complete high school, for them (schools) to be considered successful in their system. And given the magnitude of the relationship amid high school graduation and students’ life prospects, rates of graduation were at least as essential as test scores in assessing the performance of school systems.


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