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All through the learning process, there is a list of commonly confused words. They’re very simple words which are very basic although have a very big effect in their use and affects the intended meaning. This is an essay and not a research paper which seeks to make the understanding of some of the words easier. This is a written advice and I would advise the reader to see that it’s taken in its simplicity. Students in the past have not passed in their exams because they ignored some piece of information which was too fundamental to be left out in writing. To have peace of mind, we must do the small things in a great way. This has been found a major problem among learners and almost between two sentences, you will find a student fail to write the right word.

Well, whose failure is it? Or who’s to blame? There are principal issues in learning which need good principles in making your work grammatically correct if you’re to succeed in the process. Except a leaner accepts to correct these mistakes, he or she will find it very hard to make a fine argument in an exam. When we are all set to sit for the exams, you will realize problems as students try to cite articles from either books or from sites in the Internet. A student who complements these words well will receive compliment from the examiners. If learners knew what was important, they would avoid using new complex words in writing. All that is needed is to come up with a clear argument which we can all understand. A leaner should know that there is no assumption that can be made on his or her writing. For instance, suppose a student wrote stationery to mean something not in motion, it would be quite disturbing to the reader to assume it was supposed to be stationary while the context could be making reference to pens, pencils, books among other stationery. It can make the reader quit reading the work even if he or she was reading in a quiet room without any disturbance.

It is our responsibility to ensure that these words are used well. Their correct use brings out a unique experience to the learner. We can lose the meaning in a sentence when there is a loose connection between the words. Though these words are simple, a learner is supposed to go through them in a conscious way. Clear conscience is required and the readiness to learn without putting the blame on anyone for previous mistakes. After doing so, then the learner is expected to make fewer mistakes than before. One must not spent less time while studying them than using them. All right, we have now seen that it is our duty to learn. Let me use another example as I finish, an emigrant is mostly used interchangeably with immigrant while they refer to different people. An emigrant keeps moving may be for purposes of working or other assignments while the immigrant has permanently moved to settle in another country. Well, we threw the very meaning of words because we did not show care by following instruction. If we lie down doing nothing, we may not have known where the exact meaning lay in a word.


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