Free «Motivation, Emotion, and Learning» UK Essay Sample

Motivation, Emotion, and Learning

Most of the organizations prefer recruiting the best candidates to fill vacant positions. This is conducted by screening many candidates to select the best ones. The performance is measured according to academic and professional experience an individual possess. Another trend has emerged since some people have the required academic qualification, but they fail to perform in a proper way. Emotional intelligence is measured and the candidates, who do not show upstanding results, do not pass the interview. Emotional intelligence is the ability an individual possess, which enables to control his or her own emotions. Special models are introduced to measure individuals’ emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence assists the employees to interact with customers and their colleagues with respect. This enables the organization run business properly, because when customers are served well they became regular customers and the company’s reputation is increased. There exist online tests, which assist in determining the level of individuals’ emotional intelligence. The process of taking such a test is rather interesting and encouraging. After taking the test my score comprised 64 per cent, which definitely means I have good emotional intelligence, because the results were higher than average. The results meant I am able to express my feelings in different situation to diverse people groups. I have positive attitude towards criticism and I am able to handle situations with both positive and negative results. The score shows that I am able to control my ego and I am comfortable in all situations which I face and this is certified with my performance ability. The score further depicted me as strong and able to apply my skills to reach the perceived goals and objects. I can handle drawbacks and criticism without bitterness and I can survive in a challenging environment. The test is accurate and interesting because it has questions, dealing with emotional issues, posted with multiple choices. The questions asked are related on how an individual relates with others and oneself. The test is essential for the employees because it grants an individual with directions on what to change and improve.

Emotional intelligence measurement has been a crux for many years, but recently models have been developed to determine individual’s ability to control ones emotions, as well as the emotions of other people and whole groups. Good emotional intelligence involves good interaction skills and ability to control individual reaction to both negative and positive situations. For example, in working place employees should act positively in all situations even when experiencing customer’s abuses. In order to enhance emotional intelligence in business, scholars stated that ‘a customer is always right’. This assists the business owners to control their emotions towards the customers’ hostility.

Emotional intelligence is vitally important in a working place since it assists the employees to promote the business by having good relationship with customers. Emotional intelligence reduces conflict between people because with such good skills an individual is able to control feelings and criticism from friends and work mates. Sigmoid Freud, developed a psychological personality structure theory. According to the theory, individuals should have a strong ego in order to have good emotional intelligence (Gardner, 1999).

Individuals should enhance their emotional intelligence in order to establish good performance at a work place and avoid conflicts with their colleagues. Those who lack good emotional intelligence live a life full of conflict. Individuals should take an emotional intelligence test and note the problems indicated by it. Interaction enhances personal emotional intelligence and individuals should select people to interact with since behavior is learned in this way. There courses offered on emotional intelligence and people should attend such courses on order to improve in emotional intelligence (Gardner, 1999).


Emotional intelligence is crucial at workplace, and individuals should find ways to improve interaction skills in order to enhance their performance. When recruiting, human resource department should ensure the candidates selected have good emotional intelligence in order to avoid conflicts and poor performance.


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