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Moving Away from Blame

In real life nurturing a child into good moral behavior is paramount as it is a key to a successful development but once it does not turn out to be achievable then blame game is bound to happen between the parents. I witnessed a case in a neighborhood where the father made the mother liable for any mistake done by the child. To avoid implanting faults on each other the child’s behavior should be monitored regularly and that not one parent is liable but all.

By exacting patience, and being quite observant in initiating changes to the child can be easily implemented, since transformation is a gradual process with different approaches. To reach a consensus both the parents should be constructive in making contributions towards resolving the situation; reorienting the child’s behavior, though not advisable, corporal punishment may be integral.

Since it is agonizing a child might consider an overhaul of behavior. The best possible solutions should be analyzed through guidance and counseling. Seeking peer counseling for the child through counselor might be helpful. Mutual agreement between the parents enhances the child’s knowledge in discovering his potential and capability. Togetherness and parental care is bound to bring the child’s ways to a clearer field.

In summary many lessons can be drawn from the family set up in this case. Parents should have faith in their children, which help them nurture confidence and ability to make decisions. On the other hand a child should be socially responsible for all actions taken. In the event that a child goes wrong, parents should be set to be held accountable since they are entrusted with instilling discipline to their children. A wrongful deed done does not mean an act of being indispensible; on the contrary, it is a measure of corrective judgment and well-established responsiveness.


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