Free «Need for More Parking Lots» UK Essay Sample

Need for More Parking Lots

Dear Mr. President.

I really appreciate the efforts being made by the Federal government as well as States authority with regards to education in her level of institution. It is evident that with all the strategies, improved economy, globalization and increased desire to acquire higher level of education, our universities have tremendously increased the number of enrollment. This is a good show since we will have well educated, knowledgeable citizen that will help propel the country to greater heights trough the various sectors.

However, with increased number of students, there has been pressure on the space used as a parking lot. At the University of Texas, the numbers of vehicles from both students and staff have exceeded the space available for parking. This has been shared by various scholars for instance Glohr Eric noted, “One of the primary challenges facing any institution of higher learning is that there are many more students than parking spaces,” Our numerous pleas for the school administration to address the issue have not yielded any fruit.

The reason making the space not available is as a results of many student being commuters. Mr. President, efforts made by the relevant stakeholders has hit a snag. This has been attributed to several factors such as inadequacy of space and lack of enough funds. Currently, the school has numerous problems regarding parking as a number of vehicles are parked on the road which is supposed to be where cars pass through when either entering or leaving the school. The confusion leads to congestion linked to chaos, time wastage.

I believe you will intervene to help my school arrive at ways that will solve the problem at hand. This can be done by allocating funds to buy an extra portion of land that will serve the purpose. Otherwise we will continue suffering from time wastage and the related consequences.


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