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Pittsburgh College of Business

I am 21 years old college graduate with a Diploma in Procurement and Purchases from Pittsburgh College of Business. I have worked as a Procurement officer at McLure’s Maple Syrup Company for the last six months. Indeed, I left behind a good reputation of timely and quality work that has seen the procurement and purchases department rated as the best performing department in the firm. This shows the level of discipline and due diligence with which I do my work. Besides, Pittsburgh College of Business has requested me on two occasions to present a talk to their new students due to my perceived good morals and hard work. As such, granted a chance to pursue a Degree in marketing at the University of Washington I would certainly not disappoint in as far as discipline is concerned. In addition, I wish to extend my culture of hard work and try to maintain good grades till completion of the course (Shelley 2007).

In conclusion, the University of Washington offers the best of marketing course that I need for the furtherance of my career. Besides the extensive entrepreneurial skills that it perfectly covers, the teaching methods adopted allow for in-depth grasping of the complex areas of marketing and advertisement. As such, it’s quite likely that the McLure’s Maple Syrup Company would quickly re-hire me once I am through with the course. This would certainly serve me well as I seek the best employment opportunity with an online marketing firm. In light of this, I hereby sincerely request for an opportunity to study at the University of Washington.


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