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Provision of Equal Education

With the increasing competition in the developing economy, today, there is a need for equal education opportunities to all youth in the country. However, the public education system has struggled in achieving this objective. Despite several challenges to the achievement of this objective, currently, the education system has registered tremendous steps ensuring equal education opportunities to all youth in the country.

One of the contributing factors to the achievement of equal education opportunities today is the reforms that the federal government has initiated in the education system and governance of public fund in the United States. Initially, the government used to finance public education to all youth, especially to the rural schools. However, despite all these efforts, most poor students did not access these funds easily. In fact, only a few of the poor students benefited from the government sponsorship for public education (Harwarth, 1997).

Challenges Facing Provision of Equal Education Opportunities

Despite the efforts that the US government has put in to ensure equal education opportunities to all youth in the country, there are challenges that have derailed the process.

First, many leaders in the United States have politicized several proposed reforms in the education sector. We have seen cases where the government through the ministry of education has suggested bill in the Parliament to implement reforms in the education sector. The objective of some of the reforms was to ensure equal opportunities of having access to education to all youths regardless of their color, economic background or locality. However, political leaders have often politicized most of the policies frustrating the whole process (Ladd, Chalk, & Hansen, 1999).

Another challenge to equal provision of education opportunities is the unwillingness of the society to change their cultural beliefs about education and success. For instance, some communities believe that girls should not be educated since they will marry and hence be of little help to their families. Similarly, some religions believe that wealth is evil. Since education is the path to wealth accumulation, they oppose education strongly (Ladd, Chalk, & Hansen, 1999).

Addressing the Obstacles

One way in which the government can address the challenges to equal access to public education is through constitutional reforms and amendments. The truth is that politicians usually politicize reforms in the education sector because legal documentation does not exist. However, if the government puts all the educational provisions in the Constitution, efforts to pursue equal opportunities will succeed (Paris, 2009).

Secondly, the government should sensitize and educate the public, especially in rural areas, on the importance of education and reasons why some beliefs are derailing the economic development of the country. People should learn to view education as an asset rather than a sin or doing a non-Godly act.


In conclusion, as much as the journey towards achievement of equal education opportunities to all is still far from being over, there is hope that one day all youth in the United States and the whole world will have equal access to public education.


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