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Purdue Parking

Purdue is a prestigious University to be in and a great place with an environment that is conducive for learning. Purdue is a famous university that shines even outside the academic ground. Many students live away off campus and prefer to use their own vehicle to get to the campus. Others living within the campus premises prefer the same due to the long mile they have to cover to get to their study room. These students encounter parking difficulties in Purdue, which is a major problem and a nightmare with negative effects on the students learning. Parking difficulties are experienced in the campus causing most stressing problem especially for students. Many of the students in the university complain of the difficulties that they encounter in parking. A student in the university said that walking around the campus is easy due to the easy navigation, but driving becomes a nightmare because of parking difficulties (Wise and Hauser 291). There are lesser places for students to park compared to students who drive to the campus. Additionally, the fees changed to students to obtain permits are unreasonable bearing in mind that most of them are full time students and do not work.

The campus has categorized parking permits that regulate parking in the designated areas. Reserved parking is the most expensive among all other parking permits going for 1000 dollars per year. Any other persons except for the specific persons with those permits do not use areas designed for executives. "A" and "B"-parking permits are only allowed for purchase to staff members who can park closer to campus buildings. In any "A" or "B" space, ID permits become varied from Monday to Friday between three past midday to five past midday and one hour in the morning from seven to eight. "A"-parking permit goes for 250 dollar while the "B"-permit goes for 100 dollars per year. Staff members may choose the option of payroll deduction for their parking permits with the exception of ID permits. On the other hand, registered students can purchase a C-permit only if they live at least 1.5 miles away from campus with a varied prove of residential address. The "C"-permit goes for 100 dollars for every year, which is the same price with the B-permit. Additionally, students living within the campus in student housing have to consult their main office for information to get hold of permit.

Students are required to obtain "C"-parking permits to use the parking's within the campus. Students are the majority in the campus but get limited opportunities to get C-permits. It is still a problem for these students with "C"-permit get a parking space because they have to park only in designated places, which in most cases are full or far away from their classes. "C"-parking are at least a mile away from the classes and students have to walk. Additionally, most the parking provided is on hourly bases, with most having two hours per day (Wise & Hauser, 295). It becomes difficult for students to make their movement from place to place. Additionally, students find it so difficult to concentrate in the library knowing that they could violate the Campus parking rules if they stay in the library for long. Never the less, students have to walk for at least a mile from their designated parking area to classes. It becomes a challenge for students to concentrate within the first minute since they are late and tired to concentrate well immediately.

"B" and "C"-permits are charged the same yet the services are equally different. There are fewer parking spaces for the "C"-parking compared to "B"-parking. It is ironical since there is more "C"-parking permits compared to "B"-parking permits yet the space provided does not match the numbers of permit. Additionally, "C"-permits are resigned for limited areas whereas "A" and "B"-permits are resigned for parking in almost every parking area within the campus buildings. In most of the garages, for example, Wood Street Garage with seven flours, "A" and "B" have the priority of parking in at least five flour leaving two flours for the "C"-permit parking. Never the less, "C"-parking areas are full, while "A" and "B" parking areas are not. This is because at least 30 to 40% of designated areas for A and B-permit parking are empty and the C-permit parking cannot be allowed to such area. A and B permits also allow parking at any other place even places designed for C-permit parking. Parking areas are poorly managed and this accounts for congestions and confusion within the parking areas.

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Parking in Purdue is a problem that needs immediate action. The issue of parking leads to many difficulties especially for students who waste a lot time looking for designed parking areas far away from their lecture hall. It is a concern since they also get for classes late or tired to catch up with the rest. Additionally, these students at times end up parking in restricted areas in a hurry to avoid lateness. This leads to violation of rules for which they have to pay fines that are expensive for them. An action need to be taken urgently in solving these parking problems especially for the student to make their learning easy. On the other side, action necessary can reduce congestion within the campus for easy movements.

Purdue University parking department should develop various methods to solve this nightmare. Most of the campus areas are under new development projects such as cafeterias (291). Development department in this case should consider building a garage near these new buildings. They can also consider constructing buildings with basement parking, which is an economic way of utilizing the available space. Underground structures for the use of parking only and basements structures, which can be used for both parking and other use, can be construction (Chrest, Smith and Bhuyan 198). New structures can be constructed with either underground or basement structure, which would be used for parking and hence reduce the parking problems. Consultation should be made to the local officials for clear instruction on the requirements of these structures for safety (Chrest, Smith and Bhuyan 199). This will help in marking more parking available and safe.

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Parking costs are necessary for the option of meeting parking needs (Chrest, Smith and Bhuyan 17). Therefore, parking costs are considerably necessary. However, regulation of these fees is necessary to avoid over charging the students. Students should not encounter all those difficulties after paying for parking fees, which are equivalents to staffs. On the other side, they can be charged lesser fees and get better services. Additionally, these parking fees can be used to provide better parking services and train parking officer on the proper use of parking lots. Other drastic measures such as firing the officers in charge of parking they do not utilize the space efficiently even after training. Parking should be regulated by parking officers to avoid congestion, which could cause delays. Garage parking should be evaluated properly to see that there no empty spaces reserved for some permits yet other places are clouded. More spaces preserved for A and B parking that are not in use can be opened for use to the students with C permits. Alternatively, research should be made to determine the needed space for A and B permits.

This will help in determining the necessary space and utilizing the available space efficiently. All these efforts will help in eliminating the difficulties that students have to go through every day. Eventually, the learning of students will be made easy. In conclusion, the university should work in collaboration with the students to deal with these problems. Admitting that there is a problem with the parking in the university would be a way forward to eliminating the problem. Additionally, solving this problem would make learning efficient and easy for student. Officers in charge of parking should be keen on how they direct parking of vehicles to avoid misuse of space. They should be trained on how to direct parking in the right way to avoid congestion, which may cause delays. They should also be allowed to open areas that are not utilized for students with C-parking permits provided they do not hinder other parking.

Learning of most of the students who face the problems of parking is relatively affected. Solving this problem would make learning environment even more conducive for better performance. On the other side, walking could be a necessary solution to this problem. Student should be encouraged to walk for shorter miles instead of driving. Additionally, transport services should be offered for students around the campus. Campus management should make these arrangements available to all students without charging them. This will encourage many of the students not to use their cars to the campus and help eliminate this problem.


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