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Roles of the University

One of the roles of the university and colleges is to train educators on how to use technology so as to equip knowledge to the children and students. They also make sure that the graduates are of high quality and therefore their services will be of help to the pupils and students at large. They also mentor the educators while they are carrying out their research so as to give them the required guidance when coming up with their service and teaching report (Cremin, 1996). The other role of universities in preparing teachers is to regulate the content of the syllabus so as to ensure that the content is standardized. Colleges and universities are using curriculum innovations, new technologies, language immersion and education abroad to help teachers know and teach global perspectives.

For one to get a teaching certificate in Louisiana it is necessary to have a degree from a recognized university and in addition to that, one must pass a test called pre-professional skill test (PPST).It is also required that one should go for practitioner Teacher program. One should also have a lot of passion and dedication towards passing the knowledge to the children so that they can excel in their education. Certification is usually issued by the board of education in the state. Masters degree program which leads to teacher certification is crucial for one to get a teaching certificate in teaching. This offers certification in All-level K-12 which includes dance, music, physical education, health, foreign languages and arts. Finally, certification only program is required to serve as an alternative for the teachers who are not qualified under Masters Degree.

Government in USA has gone an extra mile to provide subsidized education to its citizen. It has the mandate to control activities of education including determining the structure and controlling the quality of education offered by the teachers. This is done by regulating those teachers who have credentials to offer such services.


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