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Status of the Job

This is a very important concept. It is not important whether you have studied law, medicine or managerial concepts, as your major subject it does not imply that once you receive a job, you will be able to become the CEO or the top manager of the company without any experience. Experience determines the position level of a graduate. Probably many people start at the lowest level of career ladder, e.g. as receptionist. Gradually they get promoted to certain levels after they have gained an experience and a clue of the organization. This means that many companies consider the aspects of experience more than back ground of education. Therefore, in order to avoid such circumstances happening many students work while they are still going to school, because experience matter a lot.

Becoming a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer or a manger, there are many subjects that are not applied once a person leaves the college. This does not mean that college students are actually wasting time but it has a fundamental approach that college education is not the only way out. Why do you need specific studies that will never be applied in practice? This is often the case, when many graduates have been interviewed on college subject application and they give negative answers that many of the subjects that are taught in colleges are not applied anywhere in the dimension of jobs’ structures.

There is no need of going to college simply because people are going to colleges. A person can assume that going to college is one of the means to become successful. However, it is opposite to what they think. If you have a mission in life that you can utilize and become successful, for instance, apply your entrepreneurial skills to determine business ventures, you should have your own way and establish your priorities in a distinctive manner more than engaging in college studies. There is a need to strategize what you need or require in life, instead of thinking that when you attend a college it is the only way of being successful.

It is a very difficult question to answer whether college degrees are specifically important in becoming successful in life. This is because the term success has a different meaning according to the way how people percept it. This essay introduces three approaches of success’ perception and the different types of success that come as result of university or college education (Rubenson, & Schutze 114-116).

Success can be termed differently from the perspective of the society. From the point of view of a society, success is having a lot of money, good job and power. Success may occur in different perspectives, for instance, spiritual success, relationship success, and professional success. Success perceived from the religious point of view is a spiritual success. Another form of success is when you are happy with people that you are related with meaning that you have a successful relationship. Professional success is determined in the areas of education.

A college degree can assist a person in gaining different kinds of success but it makes no difference whether you are successful in other areas of life. The major impact of a college degree is making a decision of choosing a career of a doctor, lawyer or a teacher. This has a great impact and importance in choosing the career in which you want to engage in. Though it is true to state that you don’t need a university degree to become wealthy in life, or powerful. In other cases a university degree does not support the ideology of ensuring that a person is spiritually successful. At the same time it is not applicable to have a successful relationship with family members and friends. College education only defines professional success.

All over the world there are a lot of successful people. However, a question remains whether they have obtained a college degree to become successful. According to my own research many of the successful people do not have a college degree, but it is true that college degree enhances and assists people to become successful. For instance, in America, college degrees have enhanced better jobs. Having a job enables people earn lot of money and then a person becomes successful. According to the United States education department, there has been an increase of young people involved in college education. This is because every person understands that having a college degree is the beginning of success. In United States, young working adults have been given specific criteria of employment according to the achievement of college degree. It has been observed that people with a bachelor’s degree are paid high salaries more compared to people without any college education. The difference between high paid people in the United States and lower paid people has been a concept that has been on debate. The detrimental factor is that employment in the United States is determined by educational background and probably the best jobs are given to people who have a college degree.

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