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Teacher Interview

Question: Why did you choose to go into education as a career?

Teacher: I had the passion to be a teacher from childhood. When I got the opportunity to do teaching at college I did not waste any time.

Question: Would you recommend the education profession to others? Why or Why not?

Teacher: I would only recommend education of the education profession to others if they have the passion for the job. The reason is that the education profession is very stressful. If a person does not have the passion, he or she will not make it.

Question: Are there any other teachers in your family? If so who?

Teacher: Yes, my mother is a teacher.

Question: What is your highest level of education?

Teacher: I have a degree in education.

Question: How long have you been an educator?

Teacher: I have been an educator for ten years now.

Question: How do you balance the demands of your profession with the political realities of the education system?

Teacher:  I balance the demands of my profession by making sure that I teach what is in the syllabus and adding life realities that will help the child.

Question: Do you live in the community that you work in? If yes, do you believe that it is important for educators to live in the community in which they work? Why or why not?

Teacher: Yes. It is very important for educators to live in the community in which they work. Educators need to understand the students well by knowing the background of the students. The educators will get such information by living in the community in which they work in.

Question: Who was your greatest educational influence?

Teacher: My greatest educational influence was my mother.

Question: What is the greatest benefit of being an educator?

Teacher: the greatest benefit of an educator is feeling very satisfied when you see your students prosper.


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