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Tepper School of Business

I am writing to apply for an undergraduate program in Marketing in your school.

I am a High School Senior student and I am performing extremely well in my subjects. I have gained a good understanding of the online market through reading online lecture notes, articles, journals and books in the field. I participate in a local business program that teaches participants about different aspects of business. I also plan to start doing Certified Public Accountant course soon. I absolutely love learning about how business work and have a passion for understanding the economy.

I choose Carnegie Mellon, because of the unique programs they offer, the quality of the faculty members, and the beauty of the campus. Approximately 96 percent of its faculty members have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in their field (Carnegie Mellon). This shows how the competence of the faculty members and therefore the quality of education offered. The institution also helps in shaping the world through education research and outreach. I am particularly driven, when I see its alumni imparting the world in their various field of study including being Nobel Prize winners, tech company founders, inventors, orchestra conductors, and Oscar winning producers. Moreover, the university is recognized worldwide for its world-class arts and technology programs, collaboration across disciplines and innovative leadership in education. It is consistently ranked top.

Tepper School of Business is my preferred choice, because of its global focus and their “executive education" programs, student life, career development, and its continuous commitment to its mission which is, “to create and disseminate knowledge through research, teaching and learning; and to transfer intellectual products to society” (Tepper School of Business). Through the partnership that it has with, students, professors, and researchers in other schools and centers such as engineering, robotics, biotechnology, and life sciences, biotechnology and product design and computer science, I will utilize the opportunity to gain the experience I need in my field and make networks with business partners. I want to major in Marketing at the school to help me accomplish my future plan of starting a marketing consulting firm to help businesses solve their marketing issues.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to receiving a positive response.


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