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The Alienating Power of Education

The greatest joy of being a parent is watching your kids grow and get good education that would prepare them for a better life. However, it’s ironical that once they attain their education, children seem more socially withdrawn from their families that anticipated. This phenomenon will form the basis of my research study (Aby 32).

Problem Statement

Is there anything wrong in our school system that alienates young people from their families when they eventually finish school? Indeed, this is the question all parents ask themselves of their children after they missed them for several years. It is widely expected that once they attain their education, young people would be enthusiastic about their families and help their younger siblings go through the same system with ease. However, the school system seems to instill in them an unfamiliar syndrome of social withdrawal (Alatas 12).


This area needs to be researched in order to establish the social context of colleges and the influence that they have on student’s lives. Indeed, this will help parents make informed decisions on what schools to send their kids to and what to expect of their social lives after school (Aby 32).

Purpose and Claim

The purpose of this research study is to investigate the social setup of our school system and establish how its adverse effects on student’s social life can be minimized. In addition, it attempts to interpret the purpose that social alienation serves in the lives of the students (Aby 32).


The findings of this research will be quite significant to legislators and other opinion leaders in designing and altering national policies on education. Although the fundamental reason why children are sent to school, their social growth is equally important as the actual workplace after school will entail a lot of social interactions. In addition, it will enable school heads to make certain immediate changes concerning student’s social interactions so as to give them the best social and professional development (Berlin 91).

Research Procedures

The research intends to use first-hand observation to note the actual events that take place in the school environment. It will require the researcher to pose as a student in College or at the university to observe the nature of social life in these institutions. The focus will be on how students relate to one another and how they behave towards their colleagues. In addition, it will tend to unearth the worst things that student indulge in that may cause them social alienation from their relatives back at home. Besides first-hand observation, the research will peruse lots of literature in the internet concerning student’s life. It will particularly target youthful social sites like facebook and twitter in order to get the actual view of the students (Aby 32).


Students in schools and universities engage in certain socially unacceptable activities that instills in them a sense of social alienation. For instance, most students use hard drugs while they are away from the watchful view of their parents. Moreover, lots of students do not work as hard as their parents expect of them. Thus, they tend to socially withdraw themselves from their families so that they don’t get to ask the hard questions about their social lives (Alatas 12).

Scope & Limitations

The research findings may not explicitly show the actual situation on the ground as students may try to hide certain aspects of their social lives when they realize that they are being studied (Aby 32).

Long-Range Consequences

In conclusion, the results of the research are likely to confirm my hypotheses. For instance, there is no denying that social rot has become a commonplace in our society. Thus, left alone students would do anything they can without minding about the impacts it will have on their lives. This should be the focus of our leadership, especially the opinion leaders who design our national policies.


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