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The Education

Education is a very strong tool that is essential and important to every man. An uneducated person loses out on so many things in his life. It is a sad thing that ion the developing countries that we are in, a huge percentage of the people are still uneducated and this has greatly contributed to the backwardness of our countries. This situation calls for a change. It has got to be set right if at all we want to feel the joy that comes with development. The people who failed to get education in their childhood ought to be given a chance to be able to access it even as adults. It is never too late for anything or anyone to do something, and it is because of this reason that we came up with a proposal for a community centre for adult education. Our country is a poor one. Many of the parents send their children to work instead of taking them to school, simply because they cannot afford to pay the school fees. Thus these children fail to get the much needed education. An uneducated individual suffers a lot in his life because he or she cannot get a good job and be comfortable in life like his mates. This calls for a great need in educating each and every person, as many as we can, even when they are adults.

In our community, we have got many men and women who did not get a chance to access education in their childhood but are now willing to do so. These men and women are tired of living their lives as the illiterate members of the society and would like to be part of those who bring the change to our community. These are the people that our program seeks to target. We would like to offer classes for the elderly who still have it in their hearts the desire to pursue knowledge, and better their lives. As we may all be aware, adult education is not just about teaching the older people new skills and new subjects. Adult education has got a wide scope for its ambitions and the benefits that accompany it. It has got a very wide social importance and can really help us achieve more in being a productive society (Maple, 2009).

Most of the illiterate members of our society who were lucky enough to get employed in companies for the labour find themselves in a very tight position. They are stuck to the same position in their work place, earning little peanuts while their colleagues who are educated get promoted to better positions in the companies and work places. The adult education program seeks to curb this issue. By providing education to these elderly people, their chances of getting promoted in their companies are very high. These people will get the knowledge of what is current, how to do the basic work that involves literacy and as a result become more helpful in their work place. As a result, they will get better pay and improve o their lifestyles (Wetzel, 2008).

A majority of the people who are illiterate have chosen to go into the market that involves handy work. Most of their knowledge on this jobs that they do does not come from sitting in a classroom to learn, rather from observing their peers and elders working and learning. However, the numbers of those flooding these markets are increasing each day. Having additional knowledge about a certain kind of profession, even if it is in the handy work market, gives one an upper hand. Providing education for the adult people will help them become more marketable in their jobs or career fields. This will help the people in our community to be able to explore the borders beyond just being local businessmen. In turn, the status of our community will improve. In addition to this, by giving the adults a chance to improve their education levels, we will have provided an inspiration to the young children still growing up and the young men in our institutions(Maple, 2010).


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