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The Future of the Education System

NAACP set out to fight against the education system particularly aiming to change the segregation doctrine from the education system. The main approach used in this fight was to prove that the doctrine of separate but equal was violating the fourteenth amendment because the segregation was so wide that it amounted to discrimination against the African American children particular in the education system. This was a long fight that the NAACP was getting itself into but which could bring changes to the educations which would be of great significance to the African American children and the future of the African American as well. It is reported that this struggle to bring about a change in the education system lasted for decades and was slow.

The NAACP fight is particularly remembered well because of the 1950s where there were many lawsuits against the education system. This time is remembered for two categories of education cases which emerged, “lawsuits about the inequality of segregated education and lawsuits brought because no segregated education was offered to African Americans at all” (Alexander and David 3).

After many struggles in the courts to change the education system, the NAACP gained victory. The Supreme Court declared that the doctrine of separate but equal was not truly equal. The doctrine was labeled a badge of inferiority which made the African American children feel inferior in the face of their white counterparts. This was declared in the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. This ruling was another major victory for the African American children to gain equality in the education system. This was yet another major change in the education system as refer as the education system was concern. Though great victory had been gained to change the education system which had embraced the doctrine of segregation but equal, there were still many challenges for the desegregation activity among the schools which were attended by the white children. The desegregation has been slow but at least it has been fruitful. The supreme court at different has engaged in court decisions which are meant to ensure that there is complete desegregation of schools (Wormer 2).

It should be noted the education system today has been integrated well with good numbers of African Ammericans attending what could have been considered exclusively whites only. This has been of great significance to the African Americans and in general to the society at large. the desegregation process has made it possible for African Americans to pursue their dreams by registering in schools for instance law schools where they could not register before. This has raised the self esteem of most of the African Americans making it possible for them to raise in ranks in the academic, political among other fields. The changes in the education system have made the African American to have the audacity to hope. It has been possible for them to be great people and influential in the private sector as well as in the government (Wormer 3).

The changes experienced in the education system have been long and accomplished with much difficulty. It should be noted that that before the civil war when the African Americans were still slaves education to them was never heard of. However after the civil war there was emancipation of the slaves. This was followed by amendments of the constitutions to ensure that the African Americans were treated as citizens without denying them any privileges that are meant to be enjoyed by the citizens. This process was not simple but took time. The fist significant change to be witnessed was the allowing of the African Americans to access education. Being allowed to access education was of great importance to the African American as it could help them to stand better chances from gaining in terms of better jobs. However a challenge soon emerged as there was some kind of isolation which lead to the African Americans being subjected to their own schools. The African American schools and learning facilities including the teachers were of inferior quality. At this time the doctrine of segregation but equal was in force. With time it became evident that the education system was discriminatory and could not match the education offered to the white students. This led to the uprising of civil rights leaders challenging the high court a process which took time but eventual bore fruits by the Supreme Court declaring the doctrine of segregation but equal to be a doctrine which advanced discrimination against the constitution. The changes in the education system have been great and have made it possible for the Africa n Americans to achieve their goals.


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