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The Students Minority

From the report forwarded by Elizabeth Quill, staff writer, the student minority graduated at an alarmingly lower rate as compared to the white students as was the case of Ithaca College.(Data from Educational Trust board). The graduation rate of the Latinos students (minority) was only higher at over 70 percent. As 74 % of white students that first enrolled in 1997 graduated by 2003, only 58 % of the minority (blacks) and 59 % of Asians (minority) acquired their degree certificates within the same timeframe. Colleges and universities across the country face a large gap between white and minority graduation rates, and so this imbalance problem is not peculiar.

The vice president of academic affairs, Peter Bardaglio, noted that the prevailed data accentuated the work that colleges and universities needed to do to reduce or rather close, the gap that was evidenced in the graduation rates between the white students and the minority students like Asians and blacks. Peter Bardaglio added that the colleges needed to consider establishing a solid foundation during periods of students’ freshman and sophomore. He emphasized that there was need to continue making every effort in ensuring that the historically underrepresented minority groups feel comfortable and undisturbed during their stay in on campus (Creswell, 1998).

Having monitored the data on graduation rates, Bardaglio further pointed that there was still an unfulfilled potential which the panelists had an obligation to fulfill, not just for the sake of the institutions and students, but also to the global society. He concluded by asserting that by achieving the mission of closing down the imbalance gap all will benefit.

To Edward Twyman (director of the Officer of Multicultural Affairs), the Grant’s reasons were not exclusive. According to him, there were three main things that affected graduation rates among minorities, that is, financial assistance, climate in campus and preparation before joining college. He stressed that these were issues any student could encounter, but affected more of the minority students as unlike their white counterparts. Twyman added that the Office of Multicultural Affairs offered supportive services and programs wit an aim of encouraging the minority students to feel comfortable and stay put together as a family (Harris & Sutton, 1986).


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