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The Teacher and Student Relations

Assumptions of race, standards and sex guide teachers which student did not have cultural capital and which student needs disciplinary improvement. As per the school officials, discipline should correct but, for a student, it is a way to push away from school. Student’s bodies, for example, teachers in schools may look at girls from a certain race, not as women, and try to discipline them into dressing correctly. Boys are thought of as rough especially Latino which lead to stern discipline measures. The assumption is Asian and White American students are well mannered and, a suitable gender so their punishments are light.

Oppositional Students Behavior Understanding as per explanations from Morris

Your background, career inspirations and finances, determine taking charge and having conflicts with students over dressing and manners. Poor and racial ethnic marginal cluster members lack educational background and skills such as dressing styles and attitudes. These aspects considerably agitate the teachers, and at times, it has resulted to students leave schools. The advantage is that these students gain knowledge such as speaking, dressing and behaviors.

When an adult student has issues with school values of dressing and behaviors, is extremely intricate and is a reflection of a number of misunderstandings and force of resistance or control. If the students regard the school as harsh and insensible, they could communicate their feeling through clothing and others behaviors in to intentionally to disagree with the officials.

On the other hand, youth, especially, the working class will use a style of speech, dressing and behavior to might use certain hint their resistance to norms that they feel are domineering. The British subculture looks at clothing as an important way of identifying the youth. Many of them dress in uniform to dispute the regulations of the institutions.

Hip-hop fashion is so popular in America, and capital cities in other countries are characterized by hooded sweatshirts, loose-fitting trousers, eye-catching chains and jewelry. When some embraced white and young people wear them, it gives an impression threat opposing to others and especially boys. The style may be a reflection of youth individuality including innocent resistance to adulthood.

How bodily displays of culture capital have affected my education

As a young woman and from a remote area it was almost difficult to cope in university due to differences in race, class, sex and cultural background. 


I was in an Indians school, and it was demoralizing. Most of the students isolated me since I was black and my hair is not silky.


This was the worst of everything. On my own, I could not afford to be in such a classy university. I was a bright student and my grades secured me sponsorship. Sitting in class with a minister’s daughter was somehow intimidating but I had a goal to achieve.

I was from such a remote background. Although it was hard to adapt to the changes during the first days, I am a quick learner, so it did not stress me out. 


As a woman, pursuing a degree in geology, a course those 95% men was a thumb up. The male student respected and would look up to me when in a fix.

The Consequences from my Experience

It is not easy when you can relate to only a few fellow students in an institution because of color, sex, background and class. I developed a low self-esteem and a fair attitude to anyone with a light skin.

From all the twenty-five schools, he conducted his research; there exists a lot of diversity but, the most evident was the racial and ethnic characteristic among the students. The white students were the majority attending seven senior schools and six junior highs. Eight were fully attended on racial and racial grounds. The blacks in the other two schools were absorbed into the white community culture. Two more schools were positioned in rich urban outskirts and portrayed a wealthy diversity of racial and ethnic clusters. Most of the students in the schools were white and slightly fewer than half whilst the rest were from different races and ethnics.

The information gathered from the six schools it clear multi- racial school minor students found in unreasonably diminutive percentages in low-track classes. This trend is constant in schools where many students are underprivileged. The results are with almost all studies that have consistently affected the allocation of poor and marginal student amongst track levels in schools.

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Importance of Concentrating to the Role of School Opportunities in Determining what and how Students Learn

Schools respond to the differences the students carry to their residence at the end of the day and provide them with diverse opportunities to learn. This way they would play an imperative task in getting differences in what and how much a student learns. Diverse educational opportunities provided to students in schools create limits to which and what different students study have to be restricted.

Extent of Experience Tracking

I remember of tracking experience them days in school. The tracking team applied different sources of information for History and Geography. They did this so as to find out the differences in what was probably to be taught and learnt in different track levels. Teachers for the both lessons had all the needed materials complied for us. The teachers were interviewed, and the most fundamental question was what they did to raise their student’s grades.

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