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U.S. Education System

Education in the United States does not treat all children equally. Inequality in education is a major cause that makes a huge number of students drop out studying and this number is increasing tremendously (Touraine & Macey, 78). It means that students in the United States are not provided with equal opportunities in education. The question is what could be the reason of such consequences?

Property tax is the main reason for educational inequality (Donald & William n.pag.). The amount of property tax is influenced by comfort of an area, meaning that if a specific location is more affluent then the tax will be probably higher. Therefore, taxes collected in a particular area will need the school system to get some more money from the involvement of students and parents. Therefore, this puts a lot of pressure on parents in giving education to their children. Unfortunately, it is a common issue that the rich who live in the wealthiest places can only provide qualified education to their children, while other children from the lower class level have to attend lower class schools, which in turn creates a gap between the rich and the lower class students.

The reason of such misunderstandings that occur in the United States is in an inadequacy of social movements. The concept of this inadequacy has not been discussed over the past years. Social movement entails all the approaches of increasing status from one class to another in the society. Social movement has resulted to inequality in the education system whereby the funding processes of the schools are determined by specific issues. There are schools that receive more funding than other schools, therefore engaging their students to better education. All this is a result of giving specific rights to the wealthy people and entitle them a high quality education. It is true that if the education system does not change its concept, the number of unsuccessful students will be much higher.

Although the government is involved in the methods of enhancing the school system, it will be of great significance if they understand the terminologies of creating fairness and equality in education (Fox & Schirrmacher 34). In this way they will ensure that each school gives equal education and does not rank the mechanisms of higher and lower class level people according to a specific area. However, it is still very unpleasant fact that due to inequality students are dropping out studying and the government can do nothing about it.


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