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University of Washington

Following a good reputation that the University of Washington has built over the years as a public research university, I herein express my sincere desire to pursue a course in Business in this University. This decision is informed by the popular knowledge everywhere in America and particularly by the fact that in 2011 the University of Washington was ranked the twenty third best in the world by the “Times Higher Education World University Rankings”. Particularly, I wish to major in Bachelor Degree in Marketing. In light of the fact that University of Washington is quite re-known for its research oriented degree courses, I believe that pursuing this course in UW would greatly impart me with the necessary knowledge of research that marketing personnel requires.

I have extensive interests in the area of marketing research especially on the steps involved in research design, construction of effective questionnaires as well as data analysis and presentation. According to my research about the University of Washington, I have come to a conclusion that they would provide the best in this area under the program MKTG 460. As a matter of fact, the marketing study that is focused on practical applications would give me the basic foundations that I would require to comprehend perfectly all aspects of business marketing. Indeed, this will enable a better understanding and application of the knowledge of online research as well as web surveys. This would perfectly suffice my quest for knowledge. This is in respect of the fact that I wish to find an employment with web based research institution that uses these techniques to reach their potential clients. Although this will not assure me a direct entry into such institutions, it would give me an upper hand in the job market especially considering the academic reputation of the awarding university (University of Washington 2008).

I have obtained a reliable information concerning the quality of entrepreneurial marketing skills that former marketing students from UW are known to have. This is the kind of knowledge that I wish to have by the end of my study. As a matter of fact, I am aware of the unit MKTG 455 that examines in depth the skills and provides the entrepreneurial tools that graduates may need to start off their career progression. In this particular program, students at UW learn to perfectly identify the segments of the market that may best suit them as well as position their products strategically in the market so that they can record the best sales. Besides, it enables them to set the most realistic prices for the market and gain unrivalled access to various channels that could be beneficial to their business. Thus, they would perfectly be able to manage the issues of rapid market expansion especially with the global adoption of internet marketing (Anthony 2007).

In addition, I wish to benefit from the professional coverage of the principles of marketing and advertising that the university seems to teach quite deeply. According to the several enquiries that I have made from different former students, the coverage of advertisement management and its integration with the other different forms of promotion is quite extensive. As such, I wish to tap into this to be able to develop the best skills of program planning, media evaluation as well as advertising research. Besides, I hope to acquire extensive business skills related to the role of persuasion as applied in professional selling. Ideally, this would make me a good negotiator, communicator as well as an ideal salesman, something that all potential employers look for in their employees. Indeed, this will greatly boost my chances of securing an opportunity with an online marketing company as these skills would enable me to reach the highest number of potential customers within a limited time (University of Washington 2008).


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