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Villa Maria Academy

I chose Villa Maria Academy as the best school that my son will join as he starts learning. I believe this is the kind of school that will mould my son to achieve his dreams. It will provide him with a solid information technology background as he has shown a lot of interest in IT as well as a chance to achieve a leadership position in his future career, hopefully, at a technology-based organization. This is the unique dual competence that motivated me to apply for a scholarship at Villa Maria Academy because I believe that my son will achieve all that he has shown enthusiasm at by having a solid background from this school. I am convinced that my son will be empowered by Villa Maria Academy through its gospel-centered environment and a strong commitment to academic excellence. Studying at this remarkable academy will definitely help my young son to recognize his God-given talents, acquire knowledge and skills that will enable him be a tomorrow’s leader who can create optimism, confidence, and generosity – just what the school insists on.

The academy further offers an Italian program through the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE) which is an American organization that promotes study of the Italian language from an early age, operating under the consulate general on Italy in New York. This is a great opportunity for my son to study Italian considering the fact that Villa Maria Academy is the only school that provides this kind of services in this area. I believe that the scholarship will help him continue with his education uninterrupted. I am a mother of three other kids and with the hard economic times, I am sure that my son will have the best opportunity to continue with his education while I struggle for the well-being of the other kids. I am really looking forward to my son joining your school. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.


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