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Virtual Systematics Lab

Systematics is an approach to classification and evolutionary interpretation where presumed ancestors and descendants are classified through analysis of homologous characters (Gargaud, 2011). The Virtual Systematics Lab seeks to trace evolutionary relationships that enable a classification that reflect the relationships between organisms. It recognizes that related organisms have characters that are more informative. The Virtual Systematics Lab focuses on the homologies that illustrate hypothesized evolutionary relationship that uses phylogeny or a phylogenetic tree, and incorporates a dimension of time. There are virtual ancestors in a phylogeny. These are collection of features gathered in past organisms. Thus, the Virtual Systematics Lab is a conventional construction of a concept in form of a virtual box. These features must define features in a group of organisms that must not be present at the same time outside the identified group. According to theory of evolution, organisms share features due to common ancestry; hence, classification according to shared features is extracted from phylogenies in form of a virtual box or a group containing real organisms referred to as a taxon. Mapping the boxes in nodes of a phylogeny produces complete taxa containing an ancestor with all the descendants (Gargaud, 2011).

In conclusion, Virtual Systematics Lab classifies organisms together due to shared features. The Virtual Systematics Lab produces groups termed as monophyletic that are related to the evolutionary theory because only valid groups are classified as monophyletic. Moreover, the Virtual Systematics Lab creates a general reference system that assist in the investigation of the relations that extend from its use, as it directly reflects relevant information concerning the evolutionary process. The method features a collection of pictures and species descriptions that represent a major revolutionary process.

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