Free «Vocabulary and Comprehension» UK Essay Sample

Vocabulary and Comprehension

Comprehension and vocabulary is essential for classroom reading. Through comprehension a student is enabled to understand a specific written text. Meaning of a given text or passage is obtained by comprehending. The understanding and the meaning of the particular passage is what is essential for learning and it makes learning complete and possible. Comprehension is developed by students at several stages. Literal comprehension clearly indicates that a student is in a position to identify some important concepts from the given passage. Judgment to a given passage is made possible through evaluative comprehension. Then inferential comprehension is whereby a student is in a position to relate the given passage with other passages besides understanding of the story. Through comprehension learning is made possible because it greatly helps a student to connect and understand what is being talked about. Vocabulary is developed through reading because as students go through a particular passage they often come across new words (Koda, 2005).

Greater vocabulary is associated with increased comprehension and a greater understanding of the particular story. For example a student with a greater vocabulary is able to understand many things that might be spoken about in a passage than the one with little vocabulary knowledge. Classroom learning is made complete through comprehension and vocabulary. Most of the time students learn new words and comprehension by watching at the teacher’s demonstration. Modeling and thinking aloud makes learning effective and easy. On addition, effective learning of vocabulary is important in acquisition of second language. Reading entails active interaction between the text and the reader therefore it is an active skill and very instrumental in acquisition of first and second language literacy. Many students do experience hardship in classroom reading and that is the reason vocabulary and comprehensions are key reading blocks.

Children who fail to develop proper reading skills often end up with low self esteem and that is the reason they need to be motivated to learn. There is reading and oral vocabulary and the two are essential to effective communication. A student who is learning to read needs to develop vocabulary. For instance children like imitating what others or mature people are doing and for these reason they acquire vocabulary from the spoken words. Student beginners associate words with there respective sounds and through this they are able to acquire the necessary vocabulary needed for classroom reading. Oral vocabulary is very important to readers because most of the times they are not able to read and understand words which they have not come across through their interactions. Therefore oral vocabulary plays a very important role in classroom reading because it enables a beginner to relate the written vocabulary with other words which they have come across.

Vocabulary makes reading comprehension possible. For a reader to understand the content of a particular story there is need for knowing the meaning of most words that makes the story. Understanding can only be achieved when the words being read can be effectively comprehended. That is the reason why learning new vocabulary makes the learning process continuous and successful. For advanced learning to occur a student has to learn the meaning of new words which they come across. These words are not usually part of the oral vocabulary because if they were they could know its meaning. Effective comprehension is solely dependent on acquired knowledge of the meaning of single words. There is a strong relationship between reading comprehension and vocabulary. Understanding of a text occurs because of the knowledge of the used words. Proper understanding of words is instrumental to L2 and L1 learning (Blachowicz and Ogle, 2008).

Word processing and vocabulary acquisition is also dependant on proper comprehension. Words often have a number of meanings and that is the reason suitable meaning of a given vocabulary is achieved through the context. Life experiences also play a major role in understanding the meaning of some words. Proper understanding of the context in which a vocabulary has been used is essential in getting the desired meaning. For instance a student may define the word house on the bases of the different houses he’s come across though the context in which that word appears will play a major role in getting the correct interpretation. Procession of the used vocabulary is important and essential in processing skills. These processing makes it easy to get the correct meaning of a word as per the given context.


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