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 An Informal Letter

Thank you for the telephone conversation we had pertaining to the letter referred above from Madam Doreen P. Cosby. I wish to clarify that I had submitted a Health Insurance Waiver to Dr. Tomy and consequently sent a Fax of the same to Doreen Cosby on March 11, 2011, together with a copy of another waiver submitted on January 28, 2010. (Attached here with, please find copies of the same). Although, the Fax was stamped “received” no acknowledgement of the same was done hence, I received yet another bill without considering my waiver.

I therefore wish to make it clear that I don’t need a University Health Insurance as I have been covered for over two years now. To make records straight, I wish to request Cosby to dismiss the $538.50 bill that I am alleged to owe the University. Also, let it be known that I have been sending health Insurance Waivers for over a period of two years now but I am at a loss that records have not been put straight. I here by attach the following documents as proof of my case and hope that records will be put straight henceforth: A copy of my Health Insurance Cover; copy of the waiver stamped “ received” received on Jan 28, 2010, and copy of the same Fax showing transmission report.

Yours sincerely,

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