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Bammel Health

Bammel Health systems consist of intergraded healthcare system with variety of system taking care of the treatment of sick people. It treats both inpatients and out patients. It has several beds for inpatient or the people who goes to the hospital and get an admission. It acts as aid provider to the community by providing charity work, because it assists the patients who can not pay for hospital bills to receive their medical service and get medical assistance. The hospital provides treatment for many diseases, and this shows the hospital is well equipped and has professionals employed to serve the sick. It treats all people disregarding their race or ethnicity. The hospitals have experienced a large financial crisis because of the willingness to offer services to the people even if they do not have funds.


As from the year 2002 Bammel has been operating in loss each year having a loss of certain percentage. This shows that the operations of the hospital have been handled unprofessionally. The year 2002 the amount was low as compared to the year 2005 and this shows that despite of the outcome the managers do not work to solve the problems. The audit report for the year 2005 shows that the hospitals provides more charity work to an extent that the income is lower to cater for charity work services. This has made the hospital to operate in loss. The hospital should make sure that it does not offer much charity work to the community, because it does not have many sponsors. Here are charts representing financial outcome for the organization.


The income makes all organizations to work and provide services in long time. All organization should work with profit in order to expand. Bammel should consider the financial report for previous years and provide a good work by minimizing charity services and reducing the number of employees.


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