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Caloric Balance Calculation

I am a male weighing 165lbs and 5’5” tall. I work in a hospital and walk about 7 miles every day at work. I work out in the Gym 3 times a week and I am considered to be in good shape. Below is the calculation to estimate how much calories my body requires to maintain the basal metabolism, perform physical activities and for food processing per day.

Calculation to estimate calories required to maintain Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): BMR is equals to Body Weight (165) x BMR Factor for male (11) = Calories for BMR (1815 Calories).

Calculation to estimate calories required for physical activities per day: Physical Activity Calories is equals to BMR (1815 Calories) x Physical Activity Level (0.50) = (907.50 Calories).

Calculation to estimate calories required for food processing per day: Calories needed for food processing is equals to Calories for BMR plus Calories for physical activity. The sum is multiplied by 10%. Calories for BMR (1815) + Physical Activity Calories (907.50) = (2722.50 Calories) x 0.10 = Calories for food processing (272.25 Calories).

Calculation to estimate the Total Body Caloric Need per day: Total Body Calories requirement per day = BMR Calories (1815) + Physical Activity Calories (907.50) + Food Processing Calories (272.25) = 2994.75 Calories.

This means that my body requires an average of 2994.75 Calories per day. If I eat 2994.75 Calories each day, my body fat stores will remain constant and hence no weight gain or weight loss will occur. If I consume less than 2994.75 Calories, the body fat stores and possibly other body tissues will be depleted which leads to weight loss due to muscles wearing out. If I consume more than 2994.75 Calories, the body fat stores increase which leads to weight gain.

The average body Calories requirement per day for male is 2700-2900 Calories (Grace). This means that I am slightly above the average as I expected which is healthy because I burn the extra fat stored in the body by going to the gym to work out. This has kept my body weight constant.


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