Free «Canned and Fresh Foods» UK Essay Sample

Canned and Fresh Foods

The habit of eating became a routine when everyone was born. All humans eat to live but others will live to eat. The routine of eating in most human’s life take place twice a day. The decision of what we eat solely depends on the individual. The exception here is the young children who are fed by the adults. Therefore, what they eat is determined by adults. What we eat determine the effects our bodies receive. This essay is meant to compare and contrast what transpire between eating fresh or canned food. The differences are given by three characteristics that result from eating. These are costs, health and the flavor of the food.

Canned foods and fresh foods have a very different flavor. The fresh ones constitute the original flavor. The flavor is confirmed by the taste that one get when eating. They have the natural flavor which contains the natural taste. The canned foods on the other hand have lost the natural taste to additional chemicals. These chemicals may be added as flavors or as preservatives. The fresh foods will have an advantage of taste compared to canned foods as they take short time to prepare.

Comparing the two foods on health effects that they have, the differences are defined. Different foods lose the nutrition content as time goes by. Canned foods will lose healthy nutrients and become junk food. The fresh foods will have the necessary nutrients that are available in the foods from the farm. The preservative used in extending their lifespan causes them to become poisonous. This shows the need to feed on fresh foods if one needs a lot of nutritional benefits.

The costs of food depend on their availability. In areas where fresh foods are readily available, their cost is low while the canned foods are expensive. In the other side, where fresh foods are hard to find, canned foods will be cheaper. It is also affected by the living standards of an individual. Canned foods are easier to find in supermarkets and are expensive.

The differences between the two types of foods are well defined. The last decision on the foods to take depends on individual choice. For children, adults should choose fresh foods as they are more nutritious and have a good flavor. This lead to the last option that one should choose foods that fit your pocket and lifestyle.


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