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Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

Catheter-associated Urinary tract infections (CAUTI) is a very wide spread problem among infections that are associated with health care. The main causes of CAUTI include inappropriate catheterization.Jenkinson (2006) notes that the inappropriate use of antibiotics has led to growth of resistant bacteriuria .Statistics indicate that the risk of developing a CAUTI increases with extended duration of catheterization. Risk increases by 5% for each day a catheter remains in place (Tambyah et al, 2002). As study done revealed the following; over the first 10 days, 2-16% of patients will acquire a CAUTI. By 30 days, the CAUTI rate is almost 100% (Garibaldi et al, 1974; Burke et al, 1988).

Development of CAUTIs is also influenced by the frequency of catheterization.

In one –time catheterization, bacteriuira occurs in 1-5% of patients as compared to much higher statistics in multiple-time catheterizations. Jenkinson does not explore any examples of mortality or any other effect of the shortage of nurses in relation n to the prevalence of CAUTIs .

The use of silver alloy –coated catheters may greatly reduce the quantity of bacteriuria cases (Rello&Kollef, 2007) Kollef .


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