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Cholesterol can be defined as a fat-like substance found in the blood, fat and most complex vessels. High cholesterol clogs the arteries making them small so slow trickle of blood or no movement at all thereby causing heart diseases and heart attacks. As shown, it mainly affects men over 45 and women over 55 years.

High cholesterol may be caused by eating large amounts of fatty foods, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, and family history of heart disease, age and gender. The chart illustrates the levels of cholesterol where people under 20 years should be tested every 5 years.

Blood Cholesterol Level Chart Desirable Borderline (high) High Risk.
Total Cholesterol < 200 200-240 > 240.
Triglycerides < 150 150-500 > 500.
Low Density Cholesterol < 130 130-160 > 240.
High Density Cholesterol > 50 50-35 < 35.

Eating less fatty foods, exercising and avoiding smoking will help prevent excessive amounts of cholesterol. Treatment is through medication and taking supplements.


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