Free «Finasteride» UK Essay Sample


1)  Explain how Finasteride is used to treat the patient and describe the therapeutic action of finasteride

Finasteride would be the ideal drug as it helps in the therapeutic management of “symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia” that is quite popular in aged men. The drug acts therapeutically by reducing the need for prostatectomy or other surgical methods of treatment. However, it cannot be prescribed for prevention of cancer of the prostate.

2)  Summarise two side effects of finasteride

These are severe hypersensitivity reactions, discharge from the nipples and breast enlargement among others.

3)   Explain the information that must be given to the patient regarding the use of finasteride

That finasteride causes hypersensitivity and should be stopped as soon as hypersensitivity reactions start.

4)  Recommend ways in which the patient could manage his condition AND reduce side effects.

Physicians should take precaution to evaluate for urinary infections, hypotonic bladder or prostate cancer. In addition, female patients should not take this drug as it could cause deficiency in the reproductive organs of a male fetus.


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